Session 16 – Things Go Well – Liz Gets A New PB Bream And Equals Her PB Tench Too…

Tuesday, 11th May, Liz and myself set off at the usual 0730 for our club’s mixed fishery (AA-B) arriving at around 0800.

This time at the pool we headed to the far end which Liz hasn’t fished since rejoining the club … but has been one of my favourite pegs albeit we’ve fished other pegs previously this year.


The pegs chosen face a small island about 4-5 rod lengths away from the main bank. Liz was given my usual swim at the near end of the island to fish and it also has a lily patch off to the left and with the overhanging vegetation it gives two nice areas to swap fishing between if required. I set myself up at the adjoining peg, facing the far end of the island with its bushes. It was a peg I’ve been meaning to fish for ages having only ever once fished it before albeit I did well there then if I recall.

We both float fished – lift method, 4AAA wind/driftbeater floats, 6lb line – Liz used a size 16 hook, myself a 12 with maggots as bait. We both tried alternative baits – myself, corn and bread – but it seemed that the fish only wanted maggots on the day.

I fed up the swim per usual with a few groundbait balls laced with maggot and particles before tackling up in order to draw fish into the swim…

However, it was Liz who was in action first … and on her first cast too … landing a nice 3lb 11oz tench…

But I quickly took second blood with a small 6oz barbel….

… and then I had my best tench of the day – 4lb 9oz …

2021-05-11 Steve - 4lb 9oz Tench 01
Steve – 4lb 9oz Tench

… and the day proceeded with a succession of fish despite a heavy shower of rain lasting around 45 minutes or so just after midday … and not long after it ceased Liz landed a bream of 4lb 1oz – a new personal best bettering her previous best caught a few weeks earlier at the same venue… … and later she equalled her PB tench too at 4lb 4oz…

We fished on until 1545 when another sharp shower started … but in the what seemed not too far distance, there were virtually continuous mega claps of thunder to be heard – the sort of thing you’d expect to hear from something like a 32 storey block of corrugated tin constructed flats collapsing a hundred yards away! Strange thing was that it wasn’t really dark, no flashes of lightning seen or sensed, and actually still very blue skies were evident outside the grey area. But, being cautious and having intended to pack up at 1600 anyway, we decided to call it a day and pack down ‘just in case’ … and, as usual, by the time we’d half cleared our kit, the thunder had become a memory and it was sun and blue skies all around… but the pub was open anyway… LOL

So, to sum up the day and the total tally…


Tench 3-11, 3-14, 3-03, 2-10, 4-04

Bream: 4-01

And 2 small barbel (6oz), 3 perch (best 12oz) and a small mirror carp (4oz)


Tench: 4-09, 4-00, 3-12, 3-12, 3-07

And a small barbel, 2 small mirror carp (best about 4oz), 2 small (2oz?) perch

A Few More Pics:


None really set … although hopefully out again with Liz on Monday 17th May…

3 responses to “Session 16 – Things Go Well – Liz Gets A New PB Bream And Equals Her PB Tench Too…”

  1. Seems you disproved the early and late are best mantra – I toyed with going this afternoon as light levels and temperatures are currently such around here that I’m starting to doubt the dawn and dusk theory applies this spring. Not a great May weather-wise so far!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, started leaving the house later the past year or so as the earlier hours have never lived up to the ‘best time’ label to me … and I’ve not fished evenings since the 80’s.

      Usually leave the house around 7 if just me, 7:30 with Liz.
      Exception being if fishing further away than usual eg Warks Avon – which also means a ride down the M5 and hence need to try to avoid main works traffic.

      Def cool for May!! Usually we go camping in April and often T-shirt weather in the daytime then but not warm enough for that even now.


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