No Fishing – Just To Say ‘Hi, I’m Still Alive!’ :)

Time plods on and still unable to get out on the banks… not so much due to the changeable and inconvenient weather we’re having but mostly down to medical checkovers and reviews …

Had meetings with doctor with doctor + diabetic consultant a couple of weeks ago which was interesting as it seems goalposts have moved in terms of current thinking of correct blood sugar levels. Figure to aim for up to now had been 5-7 (whatever units they are) but it seems that 6-10 is now the accepted … which means that my morning level is too LOW and my evening level not as over as it was thought … my ‘average’ in fact is around 12, not a lot over the OK bandwidth. Result is that I have been TAKEN COMPLETELY OFF my twice daily 2 Glicazide tablets and now just have my Lantus insulin injection at bedtime… However, I was asked to arrange to see doc again next week but when phoning for appointment best I could do was ‘the doctor will ring you on Monday’… so expect to be told to visit the surgery anyway.

A trip to the podiatrist due on Tuesday (21st) of next week too for a review…

Tuesday 28th, its off to see my cancer consultant for review … which was originally booked for 9:00am on the 6th March BUT on arrival I was told it had been re-arranged for the 28th and the letter informing me must have gone missing in the post… oh umm…

Out of the blue a couple of days ago I received an e-letter via text informing me I’ve an appointment at the orthopaedics dept of a hospital in Stourbridge … stating no reason but I assume is to do with a request to see a doctor a week ago to discuss the possibility of receiving a steroid injection into the base of my left thumb which gets quite painful at times. I had an injection back in 2016 (but thought it was longer ago than that myself but I have no sense of passing time, never have had – things to me could have just as likely have happened 2 years ago or 20…) Anyway, that’s the most likely reason … but I’ve had to request a re-booking as they’ve given me a date in May which is a Friday and I can’t do that for (1) I’ve no transport as Liz has the car for work on Fridays and (b) its in Stourbridge, somewhere that I’m not conversant with never mind where its hospital is located….

SO … it seems that my next outing to the waterside now will be sometime twixt 15th-18th April, probably the 17th, at Weston Lakes near Shrewsbury/Oswestry. Liz and I are booked for a long weekend’s camping close by, a place selected for the availability of its stretch of fishing on the River Severn … BUT, OOOPS! April – river fishing closed season!! However, the fishing plan part of the break has now been switched to fish Weston Lakes… Liz is going to Alicante with her brother and others for a Monday-Friday jollibob in September and so that gives me a free week for fishing while she’s away – and on this weekend break I can check out what the river fishing looks like and possibly book myself a few days there if it seems decent enough…so will also be a useful trip for the fact finding.

Anyway, that’s my life at the mo … hopefully things will quieten down somewhat after the break and I’ll get my usual fishing days back….

Enjoying the posts of SideStreamBob and John, keep them coming!!

4 responses to “No Fishing – Just To Say ‘Hi, I’m Still Alive!’ :)”

  1. Echo what John has said – hope all is sorted soon and you get bank side soon Steve. Meantime I’ll try catch something soon that is worth writing and writing about, but realistically the pressure is on John to tick that box.


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    1. Thanks, Clive!
      Seems the days I could fish I’m either off to an appointment or weather is against me or ‘need to stay close to home after my pill’ ;) …


  2. I do hope you get all this sorted and you can get back out and enjoy your fishing.

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