Session 5 (2023) – Blanking Returns – Short Tale

Monday, February 20th, I, along with Liz, left the house at 0715 heading to the usual bream/tench pool (AA-B) for a session there arriving to a deserted pool at around 0750.

I set up in the peg I had fished on the previous Monday which meant that my float rod was already set up for fishing lift method as the shotting, the stop for the float, etc were exactly as used last time requiring just the float to be pushed into the quick change adaptor .. a quick cast to check that the float sat correctly followed by the baiting of the hook with maggot and I was ready to fish … just nets, etc to lay out around me.

Liz elected to leger with a small frame feeder.

So the first casts of both of us were made around 0830….

And the day can be fully described as ‘we both made various bait switches at intervals (sweetcorn, bread, worm, maggot, meat) to no avail but for a couple of twitches that MAY have been line bites or subtle nibbles… or to paraphrase Bernard Cribbins – ‘we had several cups of coffee and then we went home’…. and then to the pub where I was happy to see Titanic’s ‘Chocolate And Vanilla Stout’ available on the pulls … whilst Liz enjoyed the Anarchy Brewing Co’s ‘Cult Leader’…

A few others arrived during the day – two fishing slightly up the pool from us on the opposite bank fishing the pole were seen to catch a couple of tench … another fishing our bank further up reported on the club’s member’s page that he’d had 5 tench and 2 perch (again on the pole)… so maybe we’d have caught better on the pole? Don’t know but I do know that I was happier fishing as I did and blanking than I would have been pole fishing and catching … maybe they were fishing pellet, something, which like boilies, are not a bait I use or carry or are ever tempted to.

Oh well…..


Min: 8.3 ‘C – 9.0’C

2023-02-20 Temps


I was considering a trip to the Worcs Stour on Thursday if I could get the gear sorted in time but that’s gone by the by now and probably I’ll do that outing next Thursday (30th) as I’ve medical appointments on Mon (27th) and Tues (28th)… Would like to do one ‘flowing water’ session before the end of the season….

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