Session 37 – Out Again…

Monday, 14th November, Liz and ventured out to a club pool (AA-HP/I) for a day’s fishing. However, on arrival the water in question had not yet recovered from farm abstractions made during the long dry spell of earlier in the year with the water level still 5’ or so below the prepared hardcore pegs. Yes, we could have fished but the requirement to clamber down a slippy and muddy bank didn’t appeal to us and so we decided to visit an alternative venue that we pass on the way to this water just back up the road about half a mile (AA-KW) – a pool that in fact during the drought was 6’ below its normal level but is now overflowing.

Arriving at the alternate venue we were first to arrive at around 0830 although not long after one other appeared to fish.

Fish were showing well all over the pool with rolling and jumping.

We decided to fish one rod each – both using frame feeder with my bait being worm and turmeric coated luncheon meat and Liz’s being maggot.

We had a lot of tentative tugs and line bites but by the time we packed in at 1430 I had had just one 4oz mirror carp (purrty though) and Liz had had one tiny perch.

WATER TEMPS: 9.7 – 10.6

ScreenHunter 55


We ‘suffered’ what could have been a scene from ‘The Birds’ at one point – all quiet and then next second a large collection of seagulls suddenly appeared from seemingly nowhere … the pictures below do not do justice as many were out of shot and many had departed before I decided to grab my camera phone..


No fishing the rest of this week – weather forecast is dire for us! Will see what next Monday is to bring….

One response to “Session 37 – Out Again…”

  1. At least the run of blanks has ended.

    Good decision not to risk the muddy banks, you do not want to get a skid on and end up in the water. Monday I risked one tricky descent but wondered about the wisdom thereof.

    Raining here again as of now. Stour is pushing through at the moment.


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