Session 36 – A Piking Blank … Again.

Thursday 10th November I headed out to a local estate with its and the lake’s origins going back to the 1730’s. The landscaping and lake creation were performed by Lancelot (Capability) Brown, probably with help of a few labourers as the digging of 75 acres of lake with depths averaging probably 15’ or more would need a lot of shovel’s full! LOL!

I’ve visited this water many times over the years off and on as its relatively close to home – the 50’s for Sunday afternoon fishing with the family (nan, parents, aunts and cousins) after nan shut her pub at lunchtime, 60-80’s with friends often catching the bus to Pattingham (the closest bus stop) and walking the two miles to the pool but often farmers on tractors would stop for you to load you and your gear onto their trailer to help you on your way and occasional visits since.

Originally, the estate belonged to Lord and Lady Dartmouth but when they deceased in the 60’s the land was handed to the Crown in lieu of death duties … and since then it has had a chequered life with parts being off … land was bought and a hotel and golf course were added but currently, due to covid and the after effects the hotel closed down and the golf course is now no longer there… the only functioning parts, as public are not admitted on the park these days, are now the fishing lakes (the Great Pool itself plus a couple of smaller pools that are syndicated) … and now leisure boating on the Great Pool can be booked although never seen a boater other than anglers but then again it is late autumn/winter when I visit these days in search of pike.

I set from home at around 0730 arriving at just after 0800, the opening time of the fishery, passing as I did so an angler setting up for non-pike next to the bridge at the entrance. A stop off at the tackle shop/lodge to purchase my £10 day ticket was then followed by a drive around to the car park of the hotel where it was reported the best pike action had been recently.

After quick look at the swims available in the area – all deserted though at this time – I elected to fish peg 47 (where the photos were taken). First thing I realised though was that the peg numbering had been changed – previously I’d fished the swims with pegs 46 and 47 and which are now pegs 58 and 59 … and this meant I needed to edit the titles of the previous sonar scans I’d made from the old 46/47 to reflect the new numbering.

So, down in my peg I tackled up the pike rods – 2 pike leger rods homemade in the 80’s from 2.75lb TC, prog-action, North Western blanks with 40lb braid, 30lb wire traces with standard twin treble snap tackle. I fished deadbaits of capelin and sardine.

Before casting out though I got the Deeper sounder out though and found level and clear bottoms with depths of 17 feet out in the water before shelving up about 6-7 yards out. So I bait was palce out in the 17’ of water and one just on the start of the incline.

And the results? Title said it all … not a touch right through to the end of the session when I packed up at 1400.

WATER TEMPS: 9.7 – 10.6


I spotted in a local auction the bit of angling kit pictured…


.. and the float box and floats piqued my interest so I made an online bid of £10 … and won them! J

I collected this morning and had a quick look at the gear – the oven looks brand new, one of the rods is a Bruce and Walker CTM that looks in good nick and the others not sure about – and the float box is good with a varied selection of floats from old type cork bodied trotters – porcupines – smaller pole types. As the auction room is not far from Sainsbury’s the gear was all dropped in the boot of the car on the Sainsbury’s car park for Liz to bring home when she finishes work later and have a closer look then. I did miss some pieces when I picked up though … the gas cylinders and the tin of bits are still at the auction house but I’ve arranged to collect on Tuesday now…


Monday, 14th, Liz and I are intending to visit a club pool that I hear has been fishing well over the past week (AA-HP/I). I’ve fished there before but not Liz. 6 times without a single bite though for me but, as I say, its reportedly fishing well now :) We’ll see!

2 responses to “Session 36 – A Piking Blank … Again.”

  1. From autumn our Association run up to 3 seminars annually on predator angling, fish care and tactics. I contribute my time on these days with my micro lure and drop shot knowledge. Passing it on is so important and the fish are the biggest beneficiary. Hope you get your pike.

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  2. Wishing you luck for Monday – go well.

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