Session 35 – Pike Fishing Aborted, Off To The Bream/Tench Pool Instead

Monday November 7th I had intended a pike fishing session on Pike Water 5 but at the end of the week preceding a number of dead water birds were discovered six of which expired overnight Saturday to Sunday and as a result the club closed the pool to angling whilst awaiting advice from DEFRA regarding possible avian flu, something that has been reported as having struck the lake at Wolverhampton’s West Park and also a water of an old club of mine around 15 miles away.

As a result I had to make a change to my plans and thus I decided to visit the club’s tench/bream pool (AA-B)…

I set off from home at 0700 arriving at around 0730 and there was no-one else on the water – for a few minutes anyway as immediately after barrowing my gear to my selected swim up the pool from the car park I remembered I’d forgotten my USB charging lead for my ‘fishing phone’ (old phone with no SIM, used for photos these days) which hadn’t properly charged overnight due to displacement of the lead and so was to charge from my power pack – I walked back to fetch it and on arrival at the motor there was a van parked alongside. I then decided, as the ground looked firm enough to drive up closer to my swim, I did so and met the fellow angler walking the bank. Later in the day another couple arrived to fish the far bank.

Given the weather (had been very wet the preceding wet and forecast overcast and possible light showers – which was shown to be true) I decided to light leger rather than float fish as I usually do at this water … 11’ GrandeSlam Des Taylor System 3 Avon rod, 8lb Daiwa Hyper Sensor main line with a 6” 8lb braid hooklength to size 10 Kamasan Animal hook completed with a 10g ‘penny’ lead on a running link. Fished on bite alarm alongside the right hand side lily pads…

Swim fed with 2 golf ball sized groundbait balls initially – and then dead maggots catapulted occasionally throughout the session.

Initial bait was dendro worm but after a couple of hours with no interest this was switched to prawn and then later a slice of squid, both of which did result in the odd few nudges and alarm beeps but nothing positive to elicit a strike being made.

1400 – I called it a day and headed home…

As I passed the car park the chap from earlier in the day was also loading up his van – and it transpired he’d had more luck than me having landed 7 carp and lost at least one.

WATER TEMPS: 8.8 – 9.1

ScreenHunter 51


Tomorrow, 10th Nov, I’m intending a pike deadbaiting session at Patshull Pool ( …

One response to “Session 35 – Pike Fishing Aborted, Off To The Bream/Tench Pool Instead”

  1. This session sounds a bit grim and I had a similar session up in Surrey recently. C’est la vie I guess.

    As you know I am a pike ingénue but it feels a tad mild as yet but good luck tomorrow.



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