Session 30 – Perch Ahoy….

Thursday September 22nd I set off at 0600 to a club pool that is recognised as the club’s ‘premier carp water’ (AA-LA1) albeit, as not a fan of carp, I was hoping to contact the pool’s perch and tench – and its solitary (but 10lb) bream. It also holds thousands of uncatchable silvers (in one match held there 1.2 OUNCES was good enough for second place and one angler’s 4 match total has produced less than 1lb! Don’t think matches are organised on there nowadays) and jack pike. This was probably my first re-visit in at least 3 years

On arrival I had hoped to get a certain peg that I like that has an overhanging willow to the lefthand side – usually get perch to 1lb+, perch and I’ve had eels, not large, up to about 8oz – but the peg already had a bivvy boy in it so I settled for a peg on the nearside bank facing the centre of the pool’s island.

I set up with my usual float gear to fish lift-method style using a 5AAA driftbeater float, 6lb main line, size 16 hook baited with 3 maggots. Pre-first cast I baited up with standard cereal crumb groundbait laced with dead maggots, hemp, wheat and a glugging of hemp-infused sunflower oil.

First cast was made around 0710 but by 0900 having seen no action I switched hook to a size 12 baited with a brandling.

1050, the first bite of the day produced a perch of around 12oz… and further perch of similar size came at 1245 and 1350..

4oz Perch

At 1430 I called it a day needing to pop into my local B&Q on the way home plus need to sort to out gear and bait, and tidy myself up before heading out to meet Liz for tea…


During the session I was approached by the pool’s bailiff who said my 34” circular net was too small and that I needed a 36” net – and he stuck to that story despite my pointing out to him that a 34” circular net is far larger than a 36” triangular even if you didn’t discount the useless bits (ie the corners) of a triangular net that add nothing but weight – and drag when in the water…

  • 36” Triangular Net
    The formula to determine the area of a equilateral triangle is:
    sqrt(3)/4 x b^2   where b=length of one arm and sqrt(3)/4 = 0.433

    So, when b=36” ….. the area is … 0.433 x 36^2 = 561.184 sq inches….

  • 34” Circular Net
    The formula for the area of a circle is:
    pi x r^2   where r is the radius….

    So, when r = 17” and pi = 3.145 … the area is …3.145 x 17^2 = 908.905 square inches.

So, next time I go I’ll take a 36” triangular net AND ALSO my 34” circular and explain I’ve got the circular one just in case the triangular proves to be FAR too small!! :)


Monday, may be the River Stour or the club’s tench/bream pool and at the mo the latter is foremost in my thoughts.

Probably no fishing Thursday as we have a new bed being delivered at the end of week and thus need to sort out the bedroom and remove current bed…

Following week will be prepping for holiday the week after …

5 responses to “Session 30 – Perch Ahoy….”

  1. Less sine die, more cosine


    1. Remeasured my net – 32″ diameter.
      BUT area still is 805.12 sq inches … so still a lot larger than the 36″ triangular.

      New 36″ arrived this morning too… :)


  2. That bailiff must have been so thankful he bumped into Pythagoras on the lake side!

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  3. He must have a keen eye to spot a 2inch difference! A pedantic bailiff without common sense.

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