Firstly, having just read SideStreamBob’s latest posting regarding the pollution of his local club pool due to heavy rains down there I hope that all you others are in a ‘better place’… very sad news for all concerned.

We’ve not had so much rain here in the Midlands – still warm and the only rain of any significance was overnight last Wednesday (17th August) and otherwise literally countable spots at times. However, the Wednesday night rain has caused problems here – not with fishing but with the house… 0500 on the morning Liz heard a trickle of water and thought at that time that it was Mollie, our cat, having a pee (although she has never done so before, always litter tray without exception) and then she heard Mollie’s collar bell over the other side of the bedroom … so she investigated and there was a trickle of water running out through the ceiling cubby hole onto the sideboard. It wasn’t a serious trickle – lasted about 5 mins and not enough to thoroughly wet a towel place underneath and within an hour, despite rain still falling the inside of the roof area was dry – we assume that the rain was directed by winds that changed direction. Anyway, best to get sorted before it becomes a major problem when the skies here eventually burst so we’ve had people in to refelt the area of flat roof over the errant area – over a bay window area. Probably the heat had affected the old felt and cracked it. So fingers crossed that problem is resolved now…

As to the title of this piece… Liz and I have currently hit a ‘busy’ patch with a lot going on in a short time… and fishing is basically ‘out of the window’ until probably September 19th now …

  • Friday 26th August – Monday 29th …. out at Shrewsbury Folk Festival
  • Wednesday 31st August, 0130, Liz’s parents arrive at Brum Airport from Cyprus for 2 weeks with us..
  • Monday 5th September – we all travel to Great Yarmouth for Liz’s brother’s wedding on 7th September
  • Monday 12th September – return home
  • Wednesday 14th September – take parents back to Brum airport to return to Cyprus.
  • Thursday 15th – sort tackle and hopefully fish on 19th!

Also I’ll need to sort out pike tackle (inc making new wire traces) as pike fishing on the club’s water starts 1st October … and we’re also away for a week from Monday 10th – Monday 16th October at Haven’s Burnham-on-Sea site – which has two large fishing lakes (purely co-incidental! LOL) and we’ll need to sort the standard holiday gear plus our fishing gear ready for that…

So, that’s it for me for three weeks at least it seems for actually fishing plus a couple of weeks I’ll try to get out although curtailed … but after that … FREEDOM!! … with the only plans being to get a new companion cat for Mollie. There’s a cat we’d love to have in a local cat rescue and he’s been there quite a while TBH but which we’ve not applied for up to now for as with our schedule it wouldn’t be fair to keep unsettling cat by repeated cattery placements but after Burnham, as I say, we have several settled months….

One response to “NO FISHING FOR A WHILE…”

  1. Well, I’ll miss your posts, but as my blog has reflected of late ‘things’ do get in the way of fishing and indeed there is more to life than fishing.
    Enjoy the holiday and the wedding and I’ll hear from you on the other side.



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