Session 23 – A Cold Day In The Heatwave

Thursday, 14th July, was a trip to the carp and bream water as stated in my plans in the last posting setting off at 0600 and arriving onsite to a locked gate at 0645. Normally that would mean I was the fist there BUT in actual fact between the gate and myself were two cars, the driver of the leading car being in the process of unlocking the gate…

Having parked up the drivers of those two cars decamped quickly, and just grabbed their rod holdalls and headed off before I’d even got out of my car …. and that was a bit worrying as the peg I wanted to fish was one of 6 on that particular bank but I was relieved to see them carry on past my wanted peg 5 and continue on to pegs 1-3 … to return to their cars later for the rest of their gear.

My plan for the day was to fish with frame feeders on two 1.75lb TC ledger rods – 8lb main line, size 6 hooks, 4g weighted frame feeders loaded with cereal and particle feed and so, on arrival at my swim, the first thing was that I mixed up some feed for use in the feeders and also cast out 6 medium size spombs of the mix.

Tackled up, the first casts were made with calamari (had been the most successful bait on my last visit here) and bread .. and they remained the baits used throughout the day …

Not much more to tell as to the fishing … recasts with refilled feeders … frequent line bite type indications (short 1-4 beep lifts of the indicators followed by rapid drops) … and one possible true take that I hit perfectly but felt nothing so probably that was a line bite too…

As I’d anticipated another hot day, I’d decided to pack up at 1400 which I did … and wasn’t sorry to do so! Expecting a hot day I’d left my fleece jumper at home – one that was provided by Spar (other chains exist) for staff to use in the walk-in freezers which I bought years ago from Bilston Market for £1 so very warm –  and wore just my long sleeved fishing T-shirt (hate sun on my arms, well, any part of my body to truthful, probably due to one day fishing the Mill on the Stour when I fell asleep and ***BURNED***). However, for most of the day I was literally chilled, not chilled out, as there was a cooling northerly breeze anyway which, when a cloud passed, frequently, across the sun, generally gave rise to goose bumps/pimples and the occasional shiver … been a bit the same this morning while I’ve been grass cutting and cutting back some brambles with cool cloudy and hot sunny spells.

BTW … there were a fair few on the pool too, probably caused in part by the closure of one of the pools – the one mentioned in the last post that is subjected to the farmer’s abstractions – effective from Wednesday gone. Pictures I’ve seen suggest its far lower then its been in the previous years of my knowledge …

… and yes, there were people fishing there up until it was closed!

All our other waters seem to be holding up well at the moment with no signs of distress and fish enjoying the spell!

Wonder what the waters will be like next year? The ‘abstracted’ pool was low in 2016 in that heatwave – come 2017, and due to those 2016 spawning conditions, casting out a bait ANYWHERE in the pool on a 1oz lead was intercepted, literally, before it hit bottom by 2-3oz carp… and even rock hard boilies were worn away within 30 minutes by the critters!


Remain as before regarding actual fishing – hope to fish when in Wales – but until then its a case of prepping tackle – and, of course, the tent and the associated camping gear. Just the ‘weekend’ tent though with double sleeping bag that we open up and use as a coverlet, air beds, kettle and single burner stove along with tea/coffee. We eat out so no pots/pans or food. And just clothes for a weekend….

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