Session 13 – Day Started Off Poorly And Finished The Same…

Thursday, April 28th, at 0615 I again set off on a return visit to the tench and bream pool (AA-B) on my fourth visit in a row, arriving just after 0700 …. and again hoping for a better results this time.

The trip to the pool was not without event as around a mile or so from the pool I have to pass through a small hamlet (well, assume hamlet as opposed to village as I’ve never seen a church there) that is basically just one road .. there are a couple of turnings off but go directly into fields, etc and no further buildings for some way along those … and in the centre of the village was a sign ‘Road Closed Ahead’ and a diversion sign pointing to the right … so I follow the sign to a junction (no further diversion indication) and turn left to join the original road further down … arrive at the junction and a ‘Road Closed’ sign to the right… so only option then is to ‘U’ turn and go back down the road to the junction I’d left and continue down (ie as if I’d turned right after having taken the original diversion) …. and I follow that road for well in excess of 5 miles – and it has no side roads and no sign of further diversion instructions … until I reach the A449 (Wolverhampton-Stafford Road) which is the opposite side of Wolverhampton to where I started from (home) and its further than from home to the pool too! OK … so take the A449 to the junction with the A5 (Watling St) and head towards Newport/Telford …. for another 5+ miles and also stuck in a convoy behind a tanker … until I eventually reach the junction on to the A5 that I was headed for, and less than 1/4 mile away from when I got diverted, about 20-25 minutes or so after I’d diverted!


First there – although photo shows a car parked up on the opposite bank it arrived a little later than I did J… and it turned into a busy day as, including me, there were 9 anglers in attendance :)

Anyway, I got my desired peg without problem – the same peg as my last visit as it had proved to have tench and bream in attendance…

There was no need to mix up feed – after last visit I’d some leftovers mixed up which I’d bagged up and put into the freezer when I’d arrived home from the previous outing – so that was deposited in the swim pre-sorting/tackling up.

Again, I fished lift method – same tackle setup as per previous visit – with first cast made at 0730 fishing a bunch of maggots … and 0830 first fish was landed despite a slight encounter with those lily pads again … a 3lb 11oz tench.

2022-04-28 Steve - 3lb 11oz Tench
3lb 11oz Tench

After that it was quiet until around 1300, despite various bait changes (bread, jelly bread, sweetcorn), apart from a few nudges, bobs and dropped lifts, the main occurrence being a sudden drop in temperature from around 1000 when it went really chilly as a easterly breeze picked up a bit – and as I was east facing I received a nasty draught on the back of my neck necessitating the wearing of my snood up and over the top of my cap balaclava style – and the others on the pool quickly donned scarves, woolly hats and jackets too.

1315 … a bite – a strike – a fish on! Another tench… but as I went to net he/she decided to make a bolt for the lilies again and the hook pulled free and the fish was lost … but also my end tackle catapulted up a tree and lodged there. After trying to pull free I got out my double bladed weed cutter to fit into my landing net pole, not so much to cut but to hook over the branch to bend its end close enough to grab … however, I’d still got my Korum Quick Net Release mechanism in the pole and as I pulled the pressure was too much for the device and the blades and inner part of the attachment separated from the pole and PLOP fell into the water at the edge of the bank – where the water is, unfortunately, 3’-4’ deep and so not recoverable… however, I did later manage to recover the float, etc that was up the tree :) … and I’ve ordered a new net adaptor and double bladed cutter online. Next visit I’ll take my 300lb capable Neodymium magnet on a rope and see if I can fish the parts back out – but may be touch and go as the blades are stainless steel but although some stainless steels are magnetable, others aren’t… guess which my class my cutter blades will fall in to! :)

Anyway, with a need to re-tackle and the uncomfortably cool temperatures I decided to cut my losses and head home… and I found the road closure on the outward journey was no longer in place and the homeward journey was back to normal! :)


No fishing over the next week as we are off camping the week following and need to prep, inc sorting a subset of mine and Liz’s tackles, for that. So the next outing is likely to be at the Mill Pond, Ulrome.

Tonight … I’ve tickets to see Altered Images .. with Clare Grogan, a crush of mine, who is their vocalist and also an actress who played the part of ‘Gregorys Girl’ in the film of the same name.

Anyway, tight lines to all in the meantime!

3 responses to “Session 13 – Day Started Off Poorly And Finished The Same…”

  1. Yes, but the middle wasn’t too shabby – nice tench.

    We seem to have had nine months or so roadworks on virtually every major route across Bournemouth and Christchurch … it has been tedious.



  2. Ha ha!!!
    Seems like the ‘hamlet’ turned into a ‘village’ a sentence or so later on re-reading’! 😊


  3. I can relate, I have had days like that quite recently!!

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