Session 11 – Lot Of Deja Vu… And Not A Lot Of Fish…

Thursday, April 21st…. and in fact I’m not going to even describe the session … just read my last posting (Session 10) for times, places, baiting up tackles and baits, etc.

But there were a few slight differences…

  1. I was on my own whilst Liz was at work…
  2. The number of others increased … two were already there on my arrival, another two arrived a little later … and whilst those left before I did as I drove back down the pool another three had arrived further back down the pool.
  3. Not one fished connected to despite the nudges and knocks – and again blackcurrant jelly bread attracted most of those.
  4. Not mentioned was that the slight breeze on S10 was a southerly, on this session had switched to northerly. So based on the ‘When the wind’s in the south, it blows the bait into the mouth’ and ‘When the wind’s in the north, fishing ain’t worth (it)’ rhymes, my result concurred….

So really not much more can be said unfortunately … a boring but, fortunately in that case, blog!

Purely, for added interest a few photos and page aesthetics… LOL!

2 responses to “Session 11 – Lot Of Deja Vu… And Not A Lot Of Fish…”

  1. Brings back memories of catching roach on blackcurrant jam bread paste.


    1. Seems much alike! 😀👍


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