Session 9 – 5 Visits And 5 Blanks

Thursday, 14th April, after another extended layoff, saw me head off at around 0630 for the club pool (AA-HP/I) that the club added to its list of waters in July 2020 and which I had visited three times in 2021 and had one previous visit to earlier this year mid-March – and all of which trips ended in blanks albeit that the last of those did include a few short bite alarm beep indications – probably line bites though.

So I set off with hope in heart on my 5th visit to the venue…

… which is a rectangular pool that was created about 40 years ago I hear to act as a source of water for irrigating crops on the estate on which it stands. Back in the day its was noted for large fish when it operated as a day ticket water (40lb carp are mentioned in old carp forums although there was some disagreement in follow-up postings saying 20lb+,  and bream to 15lb, and perch to over 3lb I heard verbally) but fishing was stopped in 2016 by a new owner. But the latest owner was amenable to giving a lease to our club as I said in 2020.

In the passing time since our gain several thousand F1 carp, bream and silvers have been stocked…

Also lot of work was carried out on the pool the weekend after my last visit – and an amazing 20+ turned up for the work party! – and 16 decent sized pegs, some accommodating two anglers with ease, which had been dug out of the high banks for us by the owners were fitted with concrete slab surrounds, hardcore filled and wooden steps placed to aid access… all in all very nice but it now needs nature to do its bit by greening up and smoothing the disturbed earth. See pictures….

Right, so I arrived pool side at 0700 and elected to fish peg 4 – one of the big double pegs which gave me space not only for chair, tackle, rod pod, etc but also room to jog almost! LOL!

Some feed consisting of cereal groundbait plus particles and dead maggots were fed into the two areas I intended to place my baits – one about 20 yards out in 15 feet of water, the other 7-8 yards out on the bottom slope with a depth around 9-10 feet.

Tackle was my two feeder rods both with free running frame feeders (1/8oz unloaded) and 8lb mono main line connected to 6” 8lb braid hook lengths … the deeper rod with size 6 hook baited with bread and cheesepaste, the closer rod with a size 12 hook with twin dendro worm bait tipped with dead maggot to keep the worms on.

And to cut a long story VERY short – a few beeps but nowt else again! Although there was a fair bit of surface activity after each cast of the feeders presumably after the floating attractant constituent parts of my feed…

With nothing doing I packed in at 1300 as I wasn’t feeling too grand to be honest – and besides having one of my ‘flat/fatigued’ days I’d been having terrible tooth pains since Monday night and by that time my painkillers were wearing off and I just wanted to get back home… and when I arrived I tried ringing my dentist to see if I could get an emergency appointment the following day but told they were shut (hadn’t at that time realised it would be Good Friday) and advised to ring the designated emergency surgery early the following morning. I did that and managed to see the dentist at 1130 … but this is me and nothing goes well … seems I have a jaw of very dense bone and the tooth decay extended down below the gum … result the tooth broke into pieces and had to be pulled out in separate pieces PLUS there was still root left which was attacked hammer and chisel style I think to break up but at the end the day the dentist had to admit defeat and he said I’ve still about 1/2” of root there he couldn’t get but would be ok. Anyway, I seem to have a very battered and bruised jaw at the moment which is sore but painkillers are doing their best at the mo… and hopefully will get to be out with Liz on Monday at the tench and bream pool for an early start given that its Easter Monday and to try to get our pegs!


Fred J. Taylor and the ‘lift method’ of fishing…

I bought a copy of FJT’s ‘Tench Fishing’ booklet a little while ago – and SSB will be interested in this too I’m sure… he actually describes 4 different lift method rigs…

FJT Lift Method

… differing with bait types … but there’s one that puzzles me … option 3 … when using wheat … as it shows the wheat ‘popped’ up? I thought possibly he may have been referring to using ‘puffed wheat’ but in the actual text section of the booklet he refers to ‘stewed wheat’ and I know my SW doesn’t pop up so I don’t know what gives there!

Oh well, enough for today … speak again after Monday’s outing … wishing tight lines to all who are out on the waters over the bank holiday!

3 responses to “Session 9 – 5 Visits And 5 Blanks”

  1. We have a similar sounding lake locally – a deep lake dug out on a PYO farm for irrigation purposes that has varying water levels, bottom weed and conflicting catch reports. It is something of a local cause celebre, originally a day ticket water, our club took a lease on it, stocked it and then when the lease was up, the farmer who is something of a chancer, decided to cash in on the stocking. It is the reason the club now will not stock leased waters.
    As you know the Fred J Taylor approach is how I fish the lift method. Looking at the four diagrams to be honest the difference in a) to c) is fairly marginal and based on the bait and the split shot size differing. Interesting that the tail length in d) is two foot when the worm is a bait. I may need to think about whether that is something I want to adopt – does he say why I the accompanying text? And, yes, I’m not convinced wheat is buoyant, but Fred J Taylor surely knows what he is talking about?
    Bad news on the teeth front – sounds grim. I cannot find an NHS dentist around here so haven’t been for ages, so that is a chicken waiting to come home and roost.
    Good luck Monday.


    1. We have another pool we lease and the owner often gets approached by potential syndicate people BUT we tell him that although he owns the pool that we own the fish and that we’d simply net them out and the syndicate would soon lose interest in an empty pool :) …

      Re… lift method tail length, text doesn’t say anything other than a general ‘the distance from hook and shot may be varied from two feet to two inches in a matter of seconds and the rig will deal with slow and decisive bites as well as the ‘finicky’ type”.

      Hope you and family are having a good Easter!

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      1. Yes I wondered about the legality of it and if it should be clarified in the lease. The committee tend towards the sort of collective personality that get defensive if you ask a causal question so it is no good asking. Their most likely answer is “if you think you can do better stand for the committee”.
        Re tail length and the lift – I suppose one solution is to try it and see.
        Yes, we are having a good Easter and I hope you two are too. We don’t do a lot for Easter tbh, roads around here can be chocka, we are not religious, so it is mainly gardening and eating too much. I even went fishing yesterday evening. Our daughter has gone to Butlins at Minehead with her partner’s family though.
        Defo warmer up down here, so assume you’ll be back in tench taming mode tomorrow.


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