Session 5 – A Long Drive Out To Reach The Water’s Edge… Eventually….

Monday, March 7th, weather forecast being dry with a moderate breeze albeit a little chilly Liz and I set off at 0700 intending to fish at the Birmingham AA’s Nordley Pools arriving around 0800…

Nordley Pools is a set of 6 pools set in a bit of a valley with 5 pools of decent size, the 6th I regard more as a ‘duck pond’ really and in summer it tends to be covered in floating duckweed and that’s the only one of these pools that we’ve never fished … not that we’ve fished there many times at all really. We’ve probably visited the pools a dozen times in all over the years and my last visit, solo, was about 4 years ago when I found the gate to a club fishery a few miles away still padlocked early morning and rather than wait I headed over to Nordley … and previous to that must have been another 4 years back…

So, we arrived at the entrance path to the car park for the pools we intended to fish. There are 2 car parks – one for access to pools 1 and 2 located at the start of pool one, and another for pools 3-6 located mid pool 4 and we were hoping to fish either pool 3 or 4. First problem of the day encountered – there was a combination padlock on the gate. When visited before the gate was never locked and so this caught us unawares but not unbeatable problem although it did cause me to have to access the gear in the back of the car to locate my bag with the membership card which gives the combination for the locks and, of course, that bag was buried under the gear and a bit of a furtle around was needed to access it. Eventually, the gate was opened and we passed on through and down to the car park.

We then decided to have a quick walk around to locate some decent swims – plenty to choose from as we were the only ones there… again. However, being in a valley and having had plenty of rain over the past 2 weeks the land around the pool was quite slushy/boggy and the fishing platforms are not large, room enough for a seat but not for tackle and bags as well meaning they’d have to sit in the mud or well up the slope… and we decided that maybe we’d be better off at the other end of the site on pools 1 and 2 as the land is less sloped at that end.

Back to the car, back up the driveway and on to the main road and along for about half a mile or so to the access to the second car park….

No problem with padlock here as the gate was open … and about 6 cars or more parked up … and men with hi-viz waistcoats and chainsaws swarming around… Yep, a work party was in progress around the pools! We did step out for a quick look at pool 1 the situation which looked excellent for fishing … flatter banks not muddy, better platforms … BUT too noisy with the chainsaws for us and better not to get in the way of the works going on… so back to the car after having decided we’d head to our usual club tench/bream pool…

1000 – 3 hours after leaving the house – we arrive at our final destination – an aside, saying that has reminded me that for lovers of gore and awful ways to die there is a ‘Final Destination 6’ movie currently being filmed!

Again, we are the only ones there, unsurprisingly as the pool being relatively shallow (ca 4’6”) usually doesn’t fish well in the cooler weather – late April being when action starts to pick up slowly – but there have been exceptions so there’s always hope! :)

Tackle unpacked and taken to the chosen swims for the day – none of this watercraft nonsense, closest pegs to the car! LOL!

First observation – the water had a blue/grey colour colouration. This water, over the past 3 years or so, has suffered with a lot of drifting and bottom weed especially as the day wears on and the sun passes over drawing the weed up. Not sure why the weed appeared – possibly more nutrients leaching in from the surrounding cattle fields due to the wetter weather we’re having recently? Don’t really know but at the club’s AGM a week or so ago it was announced that they’d be introducing a recommended dye to the water in order to block out the sunlight and thus prevent the weed growth – and they seem to have done it.. actually it looks quite aesthetic and pleasant on the eye … and much in real life as in the photo…


We tackled up – both ledgering and this was actually the first time I’ve ledgered in this pool for 3 years or more and even then it was a sleeper rod to my more usual float one. My set-up was 8lb mainline, 8lb braid hooklink to size 6 hook, 1/4oz (7g) arlesey bomb on a short free running link. Liz fished with feeder and size 12 hook.

Before tackling I’d put some feed out in the form of small balls of cereal with some added particles (corn, wheat, small pellets) but found I’d left my main particle mix at home (rice, pearl barley, hemp, etc) and my usual hemp-infused sunflower oil into my swim.

Bait – first couple of hours I used bread spread with Primula Cheese and Prawn Spread (made by spreading 2 slices of bread with the cheese spread then putting together as you would a sandwich, bagged, microwaved for 1 minute to melt the cheese into the bread, then put in the freezer until needed), the couple I tried pieces of raw king prawn. But not a single nibble ensued for the entire 4 hours .. and Liz’s maggot and corn baits worked just as efficiently as mine :)

1400 hours we called it a day, tackled down and headed off for the usual celebratory, or in this case, commiseratory post-fishing debriefing … LOL


I had planned to possibly head to the BAA’s stretch of the Worcs Stour on Thursday as the flowing water season is reaching its end next week – last day of such allowed fishing being next Monday (14th) – but it was going to be a rush to get the tackle sorted for that. The ‘river’ bag is now buried under yesterday’s returned load and would require checking all I need is in there. Plus still have a shed and fence to Cuprinol … and its the first chance we’ve had for our tent, put away wet mid-October, to be erected, dried and inspected as it will be needed early May…

So, now its looking like next Monday which has a good and warmer forecast (so far!). Possibly make that trip to the Stour but if Liz is going to be coming out then most likely not… :)

3 responses to “Session 5 – A Long Drive Out To Reach The Water’s Edge… Eventually….”

  1. Have you read the first Adrian Mole book? The chapter about the school coach trip to London starts very much like your post.


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    1. Have read it … but a long time ago but dont remember the reference… need to re-read! :)


      1. I’m not sure it is worth re-reading, but I went back to it and read selected sections to the kids then they had just about grown out of children’s books but still wanted to be read to. That’s a good while ago now, but the bit I was reminded was a two hour or so timetable of mishaps at the start of the school outing. This probably including lines like “09:39 Miss Frobisher resigns.” followed eventually by a line along the lines of “10.37 coach leaves school car park”.
        I guess it is a good 20 years since I last read it – sufficiently long ago for me to have forgotten it was set in the East Midlands – I thought it was more over towards your way.


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