The Long Awaited Session 4 Is To Happen – At Last!!!

My last outing was on the 10th of January so was WEEKS ago – and actually over a MONTH ago…

Reasons varied – some health albeit not ill health per se just the usual body functions not performing as would have been desired … and I blame that on a colonoscopy I had early December 2021. Things hadn’t been perfect up to then but I had good control of the situation and could ‘arrange’ clear days via laxatives with just the occasional few days now and then … but then I had the colonoscopy and that seemed to set me back up the path a few months or so. Colonoscopy involves the pumping of air ‘up the tubes’ to inflate them slightly so that a better camera view can be made … but, I think, what has happened is that the pressure within then pushed more of my pipework out of the tear in my muscle wall (ie my hernia got bigger)… certainly my ‘bulge’ increased by at least 50% … and so there are now extra bends between muscle and skin layers creating extra resistance, etc… So, when I’m getting blocked I get to feel very weak/lethargic and the clearing takes longer ….

Also, we’ve had workmen in to cut down our 8’ high, approx 24’ long privet hedge and replace it with a 7’ fence as I am unable to deal with the cutting and trimming required … I did, last year, buy a long handled, extendable, hedge trimmer so as to avoid the need to use ladders but found I’d not the strength to lift it – when I used it I only managed to cut about 12” off a 4’ length before I had to call it a day. We also had a 15’ square shrubbery patch which I’d not been able to attend to for 2 years and it was just overgrown and so we have had that dug, paved over and a shed installed on it. And they also replaced our side passage gate.

[Next job is to get the old shed – 15’ square, timber and asbestos sheet construction put up by Dad when we moved into the house in 1959 – dismantled and the asbestos disposed of – so will require a special professional asbestos approved company for that – but that will be this time next year I think … and that freed up land dealt with….]

And then there were the usual odd jobs, visits and appointments that needed attention… including booking two holidays (Skipsea and Burnham-on-Sea) later in the year plus booked the 2022 Shrewsbury Folk Festival… and we have tickets for Angling Times’ The Big One Show at Stoneleigh (well, tickets for the cancelled 2020 show which was postponed and the tickets made valid for the 2021 show, also cancelled and tickets are now valid for 2022) …

Also booked tickets in April at the Robin 2 (local live R&B music place) to see The Animals on their farewell tour and also the following night to see Altered Images… OK, OK, so I’ve a Claire Grogan crush!!! LOL!

BUT with the weather since the last outing I don’t think I’ll have missed too much J

BUT … tomorrow – 17th Feb – I’m 99% packed and ready for a pike fishing trip at my club’s pool … :) … sardines at the ready :)

So expect my blog report by the weekend!

One response to “The Long Awaited Session 4 Is To Happen – At Last!!!”

  1. I hope things remain settled heath wise – fingers crossed.

    I do think it is sensible to rationalise the garden – something I maybe need to think about.

    In a classic surprise each other overlap, we’ve two short breaks planned geographically close to each other – Dartmouth and Torquay – well that will be South Devon ticked off.

    Mrs S’ is saying that we should go as punters not helpers to the NF Folk Festival – I’m a bit weird and will miss the sense of involvement. I’m not sure when this need to belong started – when did I become so needy?

    Looking forward to news of monster pike.



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