Having WordPress Problems….

When I access my account and create posts my display isnt right … trying to sort it but a few strange posts might appear as I try things out….

Please ignore and I’ll try to keep to a minimum….

Might be worthwhile contacting WP to see if they can just rest my settings to the default?

3 responses to “Having WordPress Problems….”

    1. Think I’ll need to reset my profile to ‘default’… instructions on Google … need to install a ‘backup’ app before resetting so not sure how long it’ll take … but not fishing before Monday so hopefully will be sorted by then…


      1. Nah….
        Looks different but unable to turn back to how it used to look … comments no longer appear under the posting … but if I then click on post’s title the page comes up as it used to!

        Oh well, as it appears to be working in some sort of fashion I’ll let be rather than risk its total loss! :)


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