Session 3 (2022) – The Rule Of 3 Applies.

Monday 10th January, Liz and I set off to our club’s ‘tench and bream’ pool – albeit it really being a ‘mixed fishery’ with numeral species we are usually after tench and bream and on this trip, due to the time of year, perch were the more likely species that we’d hope to contact with … but also the chance of roach, rudd, barbel, chub and carp among others were possibilities.

Setting off at 0745 we arrived at the pool around 0830 – and as usual we were the first there and the only ones there all session.

A quick recce of the pool left us deciding to fish at the near end due to the muddy conditions dictating that we needed to use the official hardcore car park at the pool’s entry – usually there is a parking area by picnic benches mid-pool and an area at the pool’s far end as well but the land between near and far ends gets very boggy at this time of year and at best, even with a 4-wheel drive, the ground gets churned up and often motors get stuck which requires a 1 mile plus walk to the local farm to beg assistance of the local farmer and his tractor… and it appears some sole had parked by the picnic tables recently due to the ruts apparent!! :(

Anyway, we set up to fish in our selected swims – myself with floatfished maggots with free fed maggots and Liz chose to fish the feeder loaded with groundbait laced with particles and maggot and fished sweetcorn and maggot baits, first casts being made around 0945….

And then suddenly, right out of the blue, absolutely nothing happened! And therefrom it consistently didn’t happen again until we packed in for the day at 1330! LOL! Well, between 1000 and 1100 we had 3 or 4 short rain showers but that was the total activity…  but it was milder than the previous Monday.

The day terminated, as usual, with our visit to the local for beer and scratching…

So 3 outings in 2022 so far with 3 blanks … and now hoping the 4th outing will provide!


Well, I had intended to have a few Thursday morning hours on the local canal with the float rod getting back home in time for Liz to take the car to work… but had jobs to do here at home which have taken up my preparation time so that’s now been cancelled … Hoping to get out again next Monday all things being well…

2 responses to “Session 3 (2022) – The Rule Of 3 Applies.”

  1. “… suddenly, right out of the blue, absolutely nothing happened! And therefrom it consistently didn’t happen again until we packed in for the day ..” an absolute belter of a line Steve. Laughing my socks off here! Or should that be ‘LMSO here’ in new speak?

    You’ll turn the corner soon.


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    1. Best line I’ve cast in a while? LOL

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