Session 2 (2022) – Ridd Does Titus Oates …

Thursday 6th I set off to Pike Water 24 at 0745 – weather was quite pleasant at the time and I arrived at the waterside at around 0830 with no-one else in attendance so swim selection was easy…

My two pike float rods were tackled up and baited with a sardine on the one rod fished close to the bottom about 15 yards out, the other baited with a capelin (member of the smelt family, silver bodied, sourced from a Chinese supermarket) fished at 3-4 feet at ranges of about 3-10 feet from the bank…


No early action … and at 1030 the first snowflakes started to fall. Not heavy snow, a light fluttering really… but at around 1130 the temperature seemed to dip dramatically to the point that I could no longer feel my fleece mittened hands and fingers at all … and when I say at all, I mean at all! I decided to pack up and I was unable to grip my rods to pull the sections apart never mind remove terminal tackles – so the whole lot (rods, nets, pods, etc) were dropped into the car as-was … and during that time I also managed to knock my thermometer into the water (although the screen blanked, etc at the time it has luckily recovered after a period sat on the radiator at home). I also seemed to have dislodged the ‘V’ heads from my swing rod rests but luckily I had a fair few spares at home.

So, having loaded up the car, the next thing was to sit in there with the engine on, heater full up, swigging hot coffee from the flask for the next 30 minutes or so waiting for the hands to get some feeling back to start the drive home.

Once home, kettle on and then it was straight upstairs to a hot bath with a mug of hot chocolate…. once recovered, it was the unloading of the car and dismantling tackles in the house… :)


It seems that Monday 10th is looking good with air temps forecast to be 14-15’C and dry!

So Liz and myself are off to the tench/bream pool for the day … well, we’re unlikely to be lucky with the tench with the water temps but the pool is actually a multi-species one which we usually fish for bream/tench … but there’s also perch, barbel, roach, rudd, gudgeon, crucians, and carp, etc – about the only usual species not in residence are pike…

Just bought 2 pints of maggots, got some worms from my stock bag (which was low so just ordered another 500g of medium dendros to top it up :)). Will also be taking some bread…

2 responses to “Session 2 (2022) – Ridd Does Titus Oates …”

  1. Sounds a good decision to cut it short. It is important to remember this is a hobby and it is meant to be fun. However, does this mean the LED heated gillet fell short on the day or did you leave that at home?


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    1. Neither… remembered after posting the blog I’d not mentioned it…

      Did wear it, for the first time, and it was good! In fact, I had to turn it down at one point as too warm! Wore it under waxed jacket, over T-shirt, fleece and Damart thermal vest at medium to start, then turned up to full for a while but had turn down again. Body was fine all time, but hands were the problem – painfully cold but without any feeling to grip nor sensation of holding… Yep, gilet was good!


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