Farewell To Fishing In 2021…

Hoping all had a good Christmas!!!

Usual here … but I had one bit of concern. Recently gone on to insulin for my diabetes and I’m being monitored by the practice nurse while the necessary dosage is being determined. Spoke to the nurse on Thursday before Xmas and I requested a prescription to be sent to the pharmacy for a new supply as I’d started on my last syringe (with 7 days dosages left) and I wanted to ensure I would be ok over the Xmas/New Year. Nurse said she’d send one but when I went to chemist it had had not arrived and I was unable to return on Friday (Xmas Eve) … then we had Xmas, Sunday (Boxing Day) … followed by Monday and Tuesday Bank Holidays when the chemist was shut … so went to chemist on Wednesday , no prescription! Made a visit to the surgery and managed to get a prescription sent through to the chemist to be collected later in the day … went home, returned to chemist at 1700 … prescription there BUT then found they’d no syringes in stock!! So, they printed off the prescription and we visited the local large Medical Centre’s pharmacy … and I was able to obtain for my needs!! Nothing is ever straightforward for me!

Well, my 10th December outing WAS to be my last one of the year as, as I write this on New Year’s Eve with a planned night out ahead with Liz to celebrate our entry into 2022 in the soothing sounds of a local Meat Loaf tribute band – Maet Live – at Bilston’s Robin 2 R&B club. ‘Maet’ being in local dialect for ‘meat’ ie pronounced ‘may-et’. The vocalist has appeared on ‘Stars In Their Eyes’… and they’re excellent – probably our 6th or 7th time of seeing. Until recently they went under the name ‘Maet Loaf’ but are now ‘Maet Live’ – don’t know why the name change…

Fishing – Liz and I are planning a canal visit for a walk’n’lure session on Monday 3rd January. Hopefully I’ll also manage a solo session of my own on Thursday 6th – most likely a full pike session…. So, hopefully, the first blogs of 2022 won’t be far away!

OK then… all that is left for me to do now is to wish one and all of you ….


2 responses to “Farewell To Fishing In 2021…”

  1. Yes, a Happy and especially healthy one to you both. Keep getting out there amongst it Steve and I will return to the fold in due course.
    I’ve learnt not to set myself targets but I will definitely be back before Covid is over 😉

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  2. Happy and Healthy New Year to you both.


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