Just a quick posting to one and all of my readers to wish you A Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year….

I’m hoping, fingers crossed, to get one last 2021 outing in during the ‘twixmas period but weather and time may not allow that …. so, if not, I’ll be back ASAP in 2022!

Enjoy your time and …. “God Bless You One And All”

5 responses to “CHRISTMAS GREETINGS!!!”

  1. UPDATE::::
    Looking like ‘No Fishing’ into the New Year now…
    Weather forecast is rain every day for at least the next 10 unfortunately….

    So …. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all … and see you on the other side!!! :)


  2. Merry Christmas to you Steve. Glad to see you’re still getting out there. Have a good one!

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  3. Steve – All best wishes to you and Liz over the festive season. I’m just back from the Ringwood Brewery with my take out of 49er so I’m all set for the big day.


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  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Happy hunting 2022.

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