Session 37 – “… AND AWAY!” I Went…..

And so, following my last medical examination with its result being the news I wanted giving me ease of mind … and the release of the free time I’d mentally reserved in pencil for further tests/treatments became available for other things … and there was only one thing I *REALLY* needed to do … and that was to load the tackle and baits in the car and head off fishing … of course!! :)

So, at 0730 on Thursday 9th December, I headed off to Pike Water 17 with my 4 pike rods (2 x ledger, 2 x float) arriving around 0800 and finding a car already on the car park. A quick surveillance revealed the chap had settled into what would have been my 2nd choice swim and so my first choice was available :)

2021-12-09 01

Rods were set up – I decided to fish one float rod with a small dead bait in areas between bank and up to 10 yards out and one ledger rod with a larger dead bait further out – and also my seat, the rod pod, unhooking mat, etc, etc were all setup pre-first casts which were then made at 0915.

Baits initially were a Spanish mackerel on the ledger rod fished straight out in front … and 3 sprats, Xmas Tree style, on the float rod fished out to my left side…

In the period 0915 to 1130 the ledger rod was left out unmoved but the float rod was being cast out with depths adjusted from 3’ deep to 12’ deep as the water depths varied from approx 4’ directly at the bank and quickly sloping to approx 12’ about 5 yards out when it flattens out… however, I had not a touch!

1130 … I changed baits … the Spanish mackerel was transferred to the float setup so it was presented horizontally and the ledger rod was baited with a fresh and bloody sardine.

1330 … still no joy so I decided to fish the float rod to my right side just off some overhanging bushes. However, on the re-cast I caught on the bushes and the bait and weight wrapped around the vegetation and despite 40lb braid I was unable to recover and had to break off. During the tugging and pulling the bait fell off the hooks so I was happy with that as I knew that it would not be a danger if in the future it was taken by a pike … the hooks/trace I’m not sure of as after the break off I couldn’t see them in the bush so hopefully they’ll have fallen into the water to rust away in time…

Anyway, at this point in time it wasn’t worth re-tackling as I’d to be packing up at 1430 anyway. Besides which I want to make some slight adjustments to my setups on both my float and ledger tackles and its far easier to do so at home in comfort – and with warm hands! :) So, I packed up and headed home….


My ‘birthday present’ heated gilet arrived on the 8th, only 2 weeks after the event. Delay partly due to sizing problems – it seems that sizes are given in Asian versions which are far smaller than the UK sizings. Liz had originally ordered my usual 3XL size but when she received and opened it she said it was obvious that it wouldn’t fit a 10 year old! Anyway, it was returned and a new one placed on order … a 6XL one … which fits OK!

However, it seems I now need a USB power pack to power it! It seems my old 500000mAh power pack is faulty or has reached end of life. At its full 100% charge (as shown on display) its flattened after 5 minutes on the gilet… Actually the pack charges from 0% to 100% in about 15 minutes these days whereas I’m sure it used to take 10 hours or more…

Obviously, I couldn’t use the gilet on this trip BUT then again it was (to me anyway) a really warm day and I had to take off my jacket and waistcoat while I fished.

Liz is getting me a 26800mAh power pack on Saturday from Argos … Liz works for Sainsbury, Argos is part of Sainsbury empire, this weekend the staff discount is 15% that applies at both Sainsbury and Argos … need I say more? :) Thing about Argos too is that if its not suitable then easy and quick to return/swap, etc … doing same with things from eBay, etc is more time taking, etc despite the ‘7 day remote sales’ law and that applies only to items from UK businesses.

Next frosty fishing outing I should be well OK for now though :)


‘Mortimer and Whitehouse – Gone Fishing Xmas Special’


Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th, depends on weather but Tues is looking the best on the forecast, a trip with Liz to a local canal with the lure rods for a session of a couple of hours or so followed by a beer… venue still being considered.


Funny figures on the thermometer lead me to believe that the battery needs changing … plus I also have a feeling that the connection between probe->display was not right either and needs checking out. So readings have been discarded as being inaccurate for this trip….

5 responses to “Session 37 – “… AND AWAY!” I Went…..”

  1. BTW – what size/mAh USB pack do you use?


  2. I used my heated gilet for the first time today – didn’t put my coat on at all despite the harsh, cold wind. You will enjoy yours!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesterday was really mild here – and barely a breeze – so gilet was not needed.
      Seems you found yours good? Hopefully so will mine! :)


  3. I am having a pike session, under supervision, tomorrow. Haven’t done it since I was a kid so need so pointers and guidance. Really looking forward to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All the best John … hope you get a few takes!!!
      Dont forget the styptic pencil!! Theyre bound to get you! :D


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