Tackle Away For A Few Weeks Probably….

That time of year again (Nov-Dec) when the weather, water conditions, general Xmas preparations and medical issues combine to curtail my fishing plans somewhat…

This year’s issues …

Last couple of weeks have had diabetic tests, meetings and medication changes involved, the outcome being I am now on insulin – and I believe I mentioned that in my last posting…

Coming up, on Dec 3rd, following my last bowel screening in which blood was found, is a colonoscopy. Not too concerned as the reason may be due to the multiple and very frequent loo visits that my laxatives require me to make when taken and hence soreness… saying no more but think papercuts! LOL… Anyway, I have been told in the week prior to the procedure to take my usually every-other-day lax meds every day instead …. which means effectively that I’ll not be able to leave the house during the day. Then the day before and on the day itself I also have to take the hospital supplied super-lax – that means usually leaving the bathroom itself is a big risk! LOL.

However, after the 3rd a lot will be down to weather and Xmas preps really – so hoping to squeeze a few trips in – possibly short ramble/lure fishing type trips along the canal with a longer day pike outing… However, the canal outings have been marred by news that the C&RT are planning/doing extensive electro-fishing on the local canals to remove predominantly zander but it also seems that a large number of pike will be taken too… not good news at all. I don’t think zander are an issue in my immediate area – seem to be more over towards Birmingham/Coventry – as I’ve never heard of any here on the Staffs/Worcs or Shrops Union Canals but we have plenty of quality pike. Just imagine the uproar if they removed the carp from the canals – and actually the C&RT fisheries permit issued to them by the EA does NOT allow carp to be held in their waters!!!   

Anyway, I’ll be back ASAP … and in the meantime look forward to reading of everybody eleses exploits!

Tight lines!

5 responses to “Tackle Away For A Few Weeks Probably….”

  1. Certainly looks that way!
    In past years I’ve had 2-4 gangs, each of 4 C&RT ‘gardeners’ (one on sit-on mower, one with strimmer, one with push type mower plus one with electric hedge trimmer), work past me all doing same job and only <30 minutes apart doing same stretch of canal – and that was over the winter periods (Oct-Feb) when nothing is growing anyway!

    They do say that the C&RT is the cash richest charity in the world! Could literally walk into a bank with a cheque for £1billion – and walk out with it as we would if cashing a cheque for £5! As I say 'cash richest' so doesn't inc physical assets!


  2. Stephen Baines avatar
    Stephen Baines

    The whole electro fishing thing is a murky quagmire of sub -contracts and undeclared interests.


  3. Look after yourself Steve and I hope all goes well.

    I always feel a bit guilty when you mention Christmas prep impacts on your fishing, because I clearly don’t put my back into Christmas.

    As a southerner I’ve little to add about canal zander, but I do know this chap dedicates the close season to catching them:



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  4. Take care Steve and keep fit.

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  5. Take care and you’ll soon be back on the bank!

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