Session 31 – Skipsea, Yorkshire…

From 20th to 27th September Liz and I took a camping holiday in North Yorkshire staying at Parkdean’s Skipsea Sands holiday site, somewhere that we were familiar with having camped there twice previously around the Easters of 2018 and 2019 – and probably would have done so again in 2020 but for first wave of the covid pandemic.

Talking about the ‘CV19’ thing I’ve realised I probably was in close contact with it in Xmas 2019 when I was hospitalised for a few days with kidney problems – I recall several people being removed from my ward and the hospital staff wearing face masks and being told that those patients had got ‘the flu’. Visiting was unaffected at that time though and we were free to wander round the hospital wards and visit the inhouse ‘Greggs’ and ‘WHSmith’, etc.

Back to Skipsea …

Before I get on to fishing again – camping on Parkdean sites is EXCELLENT. For £10 a night for our 7-man tent it can’t be beaten even if just for a patch of land on which to pitch the tent – just try and find anywhere else for that – even pitching in a farmer’s cow field would cost more than that. BUT, at Parkdean, not only do you get a pitch but also good, clean toilets and showers, electricity supplied (no meter charges), and entertainment passes for the nightly shows are included in the cost.

To fishing matters … the site has its own small fishing pool…

… but on our 2018 visit we took no rods nor tackle so there was no fishing that trip… but on the 2019 trip we managed to sort out, and just about load into the car alongside the camping gear, one set of shared tackle and our rods to partake of a day’s fishing session. And the blog of that day recorded…

“We both float fished, Liz mainly on maggot, myself worm. There were plenty of movements – dipples, swirls, and even at one point a huge mass of bubbles just in front of Liz – and we were getting line bites, float nudges and attacked baits but hardly one proper take – and between us only one fish was caught and that fell to Liz – a roach of around 1oz which, as the title says, took all the prizes of the day! First fish, smallest fish, biggest fish, most species, and last fish LOL.

There were a couple of other guys also fishing and Liz was speaking to one of them on one of the evenings when she was at the bar – he’d fished 3-4 days and hadn’t caught anything of note and not a lot of those not of any note either! He also said the other chap had had one decent tench on one day and a carp of a pound or two on another day. So seems like the fish are very wary and shy in the pool but I suppose they do get to see baits more often than most…”

So, the trip of 2021 was planned and I posted on the ‘Maggotdrowners’ forum regarding our intended trip – and had a few comments on there regarding other fishing opportunities in the surrounding area – one of the comments coming from one of my blog followers, ‘jacksonb1’ who recommended ‘Westland Lakes’ … thanks!! … other places were ‘Mill Ponds’ and ‘West End Farm’, both of these very close to each other and within 2 miles of the campsite.

As it was, I really had a very short time to ‘research’ any of the options on any of these suggestions although I did remember passing Mill Ponds’ entrance signage  in previous years on our touristy days out…

Westland Lakes … ( unfortunately had to discounted this trip due to logistics … would have to initially locate it, sort out fishing details (eg look at pools to decide where to set up, etc) all which would take up a lot of our valuable fishing time. So, not this trip, although held in mind for the future. Does have a strange rule there though ( – with groundbait having to be fed by ‘cup or feeder’ (although I suppose a bait dropper would be acceptable)….

West End Farm … didn’t find much info on this – but did see ‘Buggs Lane’, where the pool is located, in passing one day … about 20 yards from the entrance to Mill Ponds.

Mill Ponds … ( is  the place where we actually fished, a bit of a misnamed place now really though as there were initially 2 ponds BUT they have now been connected by removal of the intervening bank to become a singular Mill Pond. As I said earlier, it was quite close to our campsite, probably less than 3 miles from tent door to waterside.

So arriving in Skipsea on the afternoon of Monday 20th we set up camp for the night … visited the clubhouse bar where beer was at London City prices! A bottle of Doom Bar = £5.40! Tuesday morning we set off for a reconnaissance of Mill Ponds arriving to find one angler there to whom Liz chatted and gained some info .. we walked the around pool and one other pair arrived to ‘check it out’ whilst we were there. Wednesday, we set off at 0730 with the tackle for the day.

On arrival, there was one angler already in situ where we had thought to fish from and so we elected to fish from a bit of a ‘spit’’ formed when the bank between the original pools had been removed thus making a bit of a bottleneck that fish had to pass through to move from one end of the pool to the other.

Floatfishing with laid-on maggot (6lb line, 5AAA driftbeater float, size 16 hook) was generally the order of the day, other baits not being so effective when tried.

Catches of the day…

Myself: 1 x tiny (thumb sized) carp, 1 x 2lb 1oz ghost carp and 2  rudd (ca 3oz and 8oz)

Liz: 2 x roach (ca 2oz and 6oz) and (last cast of the day too) 1 x 4lb 2oz ghost carp

Observations of the day: the pool became quite busy from around 1030 – and when we left there were probably only 2 fishable swims left free. Also there were 3 ‘pairs’ fishing, usually there’s just Liz and myself and occasionally on one of our club waters there’s another pair although I don’t think the lady fishes much as she tends to do hourly walks around the pool more than anything.

Ummm … the two ‘fish’ photos above … not sure what was going on but the picture quality is poor and usually is good. Canon Ixus SX120 camera (10mp). The ‘scenic’ pics taken on my mobile camera are far better. Wonder if there was dew/condensation on the camera lens? Need to check that out…. also need to put a new thermometer in the bag as being September I start recording water temps and I set it out for that reason but on leaving I forgot about it and it may still be there in the water’s edge :(


We’re off again on Monday for a week – this time to Chichester Lakeside in Sussex (Surrey???) and hoping to get a day’s fishing in at the day ticket lakes next door to the camp. No tent this time, luxury of an onsite caravan.

9 responses to “Session 31 – Skipsea, Yorkshire…”

  1. I fished hete for 2 hrs on the 20.7.22 using feeder rod with 8lb mainline and 6lb hooklink and caught this very nice 9.5lb mirror on a 6mm pellet in the 1st hour

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    1. Congrats on the mirror! Seems there should be a pic but can’t see it on here?

      We went back to Parkdean’s Skipsea Sands in May of this year (2022) but again didn’t bother with the onsite pool, instead going back to Mill Pool at Ulrome a mile or so down the road…. see:


  2. This may give you some idea (managed to take a bit more tackle this holiday!)

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    1. Will check it out! :)


  3. Bit late now but for future reference, from Skipsea drive straight through Hornsea taking the Sigglesthorne road, you will pass a large garden centre at Sigglesthorne on the the right, about a mile or so further on you will come to Westlands on the right (big sign at entrance). You stop at the shop to get tickets- it is quite well stocked then follow the track to the lakes. There is a synidcate lake which is off limits first but as you follow the track down the slope there is a canal style lake hidden away on the right with various grassy parking slots. This lake has some decent roach but has the usual carp plus barbel it also has a “turning bay” at one end. If you follow the track on without turning off at any point you come to two lakes, Little Tench and Big Tench, not sure which is which but I would fish the second one as it is a good depth close in and has quality roach and carp ( I caught on corn feeding 4mm and micro pellet). There is space to park by some pegs or a parking area over the far side. Running along the far side is a match lake and the corner of another which has a lot of carp in the 1-4lb range. I have fished all the lakes mentioned at one time or another in the couple of years prior to Covid with my holiday tackle that sits in the car permanently! Not bought maggots just fished corn and fed pellet and always had good fishing (occasionally putting pellet on hook to try), float and feeder both work. Worth a visit next time!

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    1. Thanks for all that info!
      I’ll note that and look it out on Google Earth, etc and put in my Sat Nav for possible use on a future return to Skipsea :)


  4. Em £5.40 for a pint of Doombar … err I think I would have passed. I know they have to catch up on lost profits, but they don’t need to do it overnight.
    It looks a pleasant spot and you both got to use the landing net, but if you fished for the full day it was a bit tough. Better than I’ve done recently anyway!
    I’ve still yet to start taking water temperatures, but had you have taken the temperature what would you have learnt; how much feed to put in on the day? I’m not convinced there is much read across from a random lake in Yorkshire to water temperatures back on your local waters. I ask this is a genuine water temp ingénue, not to be narky.
    Rough luck on leaving the thermometer there though – I’m using swan shot as plummets at present for a similar reason (no harm and less splash, so no bad thing).
    I’ve a new mobile camera and am attempting to use that for all my fishing snaps – let’s see how that pans put.
    You gad about – Chichester is very much in West Susses, probably nearer to Hants than to Surrey. From memory you are not mad on history/stately homes so I won’t start listing stuff, but you are only about 20 miles from Portsmouth ‘Historic’ Dockyard. Fishing wise, if the weather holds, the bend at Hunston on the Chichester Canal is a noted tench spot.
    Have a good time.

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    1. Glad you said about location!!
      I thought it was somewhere out on the extrapolated line between here and Cambridge until I just looked at the map! LOL!

      No sense of direction, me…
      Once visited my godson’s family in Kent and and after having been on the road from early morning to drive back home for probably an hour or so I realised the sun was in my eyes … and the sun rises in the EAST … so should have been behind me? ie going totally wrong way!! To compound that, after correcting that error I then got on the A1(M) thinking that was the M1… and ended up going north into Peterborough which was miles off the correct route…

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      1. …. and I thought my daughter had a dodgy sense of direction!

        Another thought about the Chichester Canal – the stretch from the A27 to the basin is now open for the winter and (perhaps later in the year) the basin attracts a lot of pikers.


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