Session 31 – Aborted…

Oh well, today’s session, along with last night’s Wednesday night meet up with friends, had to be aborted…

One lesson learnt … my current health issues cannot cope with a large bag of popcorn being consumed at the cinema on the previous night it seems :( … and I’m unsure about even the partaking of a small box of said material in the future! And especially I will not be tipping the last remnants (ie the un-popped corn) down the gullet!

BTW … I have issues with my Virgin a-mail at the mo, so won’t be getting the notifications of your postings and comments for a while. Contacted the Virgin WebChat line – 5 times before actually getting someone to understand that the issue is NOT my Wifi broadband connection (get all web OK, alternate e-mail systems, etc … and even Liz has her e-mails OK and her account is a ‘secondary’ one) but that its purely that my e-mail account itself is ‘locked’ and won’t let me in with ID/password – neither via Outlook nor via webmail through a browser. Anyway, three times I contacted the WebChat I got sent to ‘Andi’, a connection bot, to check my connections to router/web/etc which obviously was offering selections to select options not at all relevant and no options as to what was relevant. 5th time, I emphasised that ‘Andi’ wasn’t going to be in the least helpful before I started the chat – and eventually got the response that my e-mail account wasn’t accessible (WOW!!! What a surprise!!) but the WC operative had no access to e-mail accounts, etc and it would be passed to the relevant team and should be resolved in 5 days…

Now when I have heard that ‘5 day’ thing before? OH, I know it was when my mobile account suffered the same sort of problem, was told several times ‘5 days’ every time I enquired after the previous ‘5 days plus’ had expired – and in fact it was 6 weeks before I could access my account despite my DDs having been taken in the interim…. I’m sure it was coincidental BUT just before I lost access to my account I had been looking up the forthcoming ‘Black Friday deals’ as my phone was due to go out of contract … when the time arrived to take advantage of the deals my account was inaccessible … and three days BEFORE the account was remade operative the Black Friday deals ended … so when I renewed my phone I had to get a less advantageous package ie pay far more for less data – in fact, Liz managed to get the BF deal supplied with the same phone as me but has unlimited data and pays half of what I do for my 3GB data one. Ho Hum….

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  1. Hi…. thanks for the info
    A bit too late to sort out Westlands really for this visit but might possibly pop to look at it if in the area for the future. Mill Pool looks good, passed it by in previous years so location no problem and have had some contact with owner … a possible for our intended Wed fishing…..

    Thanks again!


  2. Have posted on MD regarding your visit to Skipsea, Westlands is really worth a visit!

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    1. Will have to investigate and locate!


  3. Does sound rather bad! :(
    That ‘Guernsey Cream’ bit seems to involve a lot of badly poetic licence….
    Do they tractor parks rather than car parks?
    Ummm … def not the image I’d had TBH … and suspect the same with you!


    1. By itself the Guernsey cream saga is a minor trifle (geddit), but it is typical of an overall picture of a large number of small over stated claims (non existent sea views is a constant) that abound in the CIs. I guess you either shut up and put up and see the funny side (as we did) or constantly complain.
      I was going to say no to the Sark tractor park question – they mainly get left on side of the tracks, then I wondered what that space outside the village hall/school/sports ground complex is for! Also I’m prepared to bet there is a stack of tractors outside the pub of an evening – there is allegedly a drinking culture on the island.
      Have a good holiday.


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  4. Hope you are soon back on an even keel. We too like a good night at the cinema (or as I say ‘at the flicks’ and as Mrs S’s family say ‘at the fil-ims’) but neither of us are pop-corners. What did you watch btw?

    Just back from Monday to Friday in Guernsey so not been fishing for awhile and we’ve visitors Tuesday so doubt I’ll get out until Wednesday and then I think I have to have a serious bash before the weather turns.

    Keep well



    1. Still slightly affected but far better than I was!
      But def NO, ZERO, NONE popcorn for me in the future!

      Yep, ‘The flicks’ is our standard cinema thing too … and ‘the cut’ are the usual words for the canal.

      Film was given in the post but was ‘Mick Fleetwood and Friends’ – a special live concert featuring the music of the early Fleetwood Mac and Peter Green years including a number of special guests inc John Mayall,Dave Gilmour, Andy Fairweather Low – and even Noel Gallagher! Only two showings being done but on many if not all ‘flicks’ nationally – the first was the one I saw on Tuesday (7th), and the last one tomorrow (12th) at 7:30pm. As I said was absolutely superb. One person who appeared on stage for 2 numbers was Jeremy Spencer … if I remember correctly he went AWOL from the band and found to have been taken in by a religious cult 50 years ago … and first time he’d played with Mick in 50 years. Also they performed ‘Oh Well – Part 2’ for the first time ever live on stage … If there’s ever a DVD made of the concert I’ll be getting it!! :)

      Hope Guernsey was good!

      Liz and I are going to Yorkshire, camping at Park Dean’s Skipsea Sands site, next Monday (20th) to Monday (27th) … And as it has a fishing pool some tackle will accompany us too albeit probably just the one (my) tackle bag shared between us with some Liz’s sundries added – and one 5-rod quiver with our rods (1 float rod, 1 ledger rod each) with banksticks and landing net poles.

      Hope you get good weather and manage to get out on the water’s side and have some joy!!

      BTW – my e-mail still not working – going to chase it up tomorrow if not back up…



      1. Sorry Steve, in my post holiday catch up I missed the description of the film. Like a lot of us I liked both the ‘Rumours’ line up as well as the early incarnations of Fleetwood Mac. Generally speaking, I like the whole 1960s British R&B/Blues era – John Myall, Alexis Korner etc. I think Andy Fairweather-Low is always good value too.
        We enjoyed the break ( much needed with various stresses on the family) but tbh I wouldn’t rush back to Guernsey and as for ‘unspoilt’ Sark, banning cars is all well and good but there are other ways to spoil an island!


        1. No problems!!
          I’ve not been to Guernsey or Sark so not acquainted with either of those but did have a week on Jersey in the 90’s which was enjoyable … and my uncle and aunt holidayed there for years. However, the airport from and returned to, Bristol, was a nightmare …. car park was several miles long … and the car park bus wasn’t running on either access … plus on arrival back the luggage of 4 flights were travelling around the sole conveyor belt and thus was a battle to retrieve the bags … and then after long walk through car park there was a huge queue to pass through the one exit barrier …IIRC plane landed at 8pm, I drove out of car park exit at 12:30. But more worrying was, when we were exiting the plane, the pilot, co-pilot and cabin staff along with what looked like mechanics were stood under the left hand wing staring and pointing at the prop!!

          Anyway, sorry the break wasn’t as good as it was hoped for ☹️ but seems to have relieved some stresses which is good.

          So, tell about Sark … intrigued now!!🙂


          1. Well if you bored one rainy day Google ‘Barclay Brothers and Sark’ for the full story, but in precis the metrics include:
            – in recent years Sark’s population has dropped from the 700s to the 400s.
            – hence the average age of Sark’s remaining population is 61,
            – also it means about a third of the housing stock is vacant and has been for a while and therefore a lot of the empty housing is close to derelict,
            – the same goes for the island’s hotels. I forget if it is one open hotel out of five or two open out of six but you get the gist,
            – about half the shops are closed. The main street, The Avenue, is frankly a shanty town, and
            – various land issues mean part of the island is using a generator to produce some of the world’s most expensive electricity.
            There’s a few other minor gripes. The locals by and large are unfriendly, avoid eye contact and eschew salutations. The scenery inland is a bit ordinary and there isn’t a continuous coastal path. Often things are often not quite as advertised (this is true of Guernsey too) so when the artisan chocolate shop says hot chocolate with Guernsey cream, it turns out to be the same squirty cream we can get in Sainsburys.
            Finally there may not be cars, but it roughly one tractor per household and when we were sat at the crossroads between The Avenue and the harbour I started humming ‘Sunset Boulevard’ by Sandie Thom. i wasn’t sure why until I recalled the line “the smell of two-stroke petrol from a motorbike …”. Okay it should have been “the smell of red diesel from a tractor …”, but again you get the gist, there are a lot of tractors out and about!

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  5. Virgin ‘customer care’ is abysmal at best I have found. Hope your condition gets better soon.

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    1. Been with Virgin for probably 15+ years and but for the two unexplained ‘lock outs’ – suspect automatically performed by some ‘security bot’ falsely detecting ‘unusual’ behaviour, in this case an email sent at 3:30am. First case was a lengthy time to get resolved, this latest one … well, will have to wait and see…


      1. All been good apart from lock outs..


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