Session 24 – The Weatherman Can Be Wrong…

In the days leading up to Monday 12th July the weather forecast was indicating it was to be a day of ‘light showers, gentle breeze’ even up to bedtime on the 11th and the overnight ‘light rain’ had started as predicted. However, Liz and I still prepared our tackle and sandwiches on the Sunday and Liz said she’d leave it up to me in the morning as to whether (pun?) we’d take our chances…

So the alarm went  off  at at 0530, I rose from my bed and peered out through the bedroom curtains … and lo and behold, although the streets were still damp, there was no rain and it looked actually quite bright with a few small patches of blue sky even. Good enough for me!! So fishing gear put on I headed downstairs to get the kettle on and to get baits from fridge and freezer, my bowl of cereal made ready and my pills in their pot. 0600 and Liz is given her call to rise… and it was a good call it seems. The day

0700 … nourishments taken we leave the house to head to the club’s tench and bream pool. And had a good day both in terms of weather and action as not a drop of rain fell although it was very warm and muggy… plus, probably due to the forecast, we had the pool to ourselves all day long.

On arrival at around 0740, we parked up and had a little wander up the nearside of the pool to check how the water was looking as water weed (elodea) had started to show up on my last visit and I had had to rake my swim at one point. As it was, the very near end of the pool (Peg 1) was showing large patches of the weed up to the surface and after walking up to the other end (Peg 13) it seemed that pegs 7 and 8 seemed the best pegs for us. Handy too, as I could drive up to there as it’s an area where the club has  picnic benches and parking. Liz chose peg 7 as the swim was sheltered with lily pads to both left and right and I had peg 8 located to the other side of Liz’s right hand lily pads.

My swim, per-fed whilst tackling up, etc was bubbling like a dose of Alka Seltzer!

We set up per usual – both fishing lift method with drift/windbeater style floats…

2021-07-12 01

0830 – we made our fist casts and Liz was first off the mark with an 11oz barbel on maggot – seems I’ve been misjudging the weights of our past barbel as I’d said 6oz-8oz before we actually weighed this one … and the others we’ve been having were of the same sort of size.

0850 – Liz had a couple of small perch in the interim…

1000 – my first fish of the day – a tench of 3lb 12oz

2021-07-12 Steve - 3lb 12oz Tench
3lb 12oz Tench

… then over the rest of the day Liz had several more small perch early on and later in the day small roach. She did switch to sweetcorn and meat to try to avoid the smaller fish midday – and still managed to catch a perch on sweetcorn.

Myself, I had a barbel of 1lb 3oz, plus more tench of 3lb 10oz, 3lb 13oz and a 3lb 14oz bream…

We packed in at around 1600 … and, as customary, headed to the local watering hole :).


Today, I’ve sort-of finalised my ‘small river fishing’ gear – fine adjustments tomorrow when I put in my flask/food and bait … so any change will only be if I need an extra small bag because of size/space issues. Weight issues are sorted, can’t do less :)

So back to the Worcs Stour tomorrow – and hoping to get back into the same swim – and will be taking some bread to try feeding mash down the nearside margins and try bumping bread on the hook down the current. I’ve put feeders in of the size I require too.

Had two ‘new’ rods arrive – one yesterday, one today.

The first was a 1970’s Hardy Matchmaker, 13’ float rod. The best float rod I’ve ever used … as I’ve said before, not a pukka gen one but a ‘clone’ made by a moonlighting Hardy’s rod maker. I’ve loved this rod since I’ve owned it but some years ago I managed to snap several inches off tip (now about 12’8” IIRC) and so I re-ringed it and used it as it was. However, perusing the ‘net the other day I came upon an angling forum and whilst reading the Matchmaker was mentioned … which led me to look them up … ending up on eBay … where I saw one that had been relisted at £160 I think it was but would accept offers. So I offered £70 thinking ‘no chance’! BUT the offer was accepted and it arrived yesterday! :)

The second was an 11’ barbel/Avon rod, 1.5lb TC, for Liz if I can get her interested in the small river roving … might do as it might appeal having shorter sessions, less tackle and exercise between plus the adrenaline surge on those occasions that you can cast to seen fish and watch it take the bait… :)

AND … no next week, well, until at least the weekend anyway. Liz and I are off for a long weekend from the 23rd, camping in South Wales for a few days – and the site has a fishing pool (surprise, surprise!!). We actually visited there back in August 2019 just before I was due for my first operation and we enjoyed it there. A bit of fishing, a bit of exploration of local towns, etc. We found a great pub for food that we MUST revisit nearby too – all food sourced locally on the day – no fridges/freezers/microwaves involved, all preparation done in-house in the kitchen – potatoes peeled with metal knives and all that! Absolutely top-notch! BUT they don’t make their own puddings/sweets, etc –they get them from literally next door – a craft confectioners/bakers! Beers are good too and kept well! Wonderful place – and we’ve checked the ‘net in case they had become a victim of the pandemic … but they’re up and running exactly as before.

Looking out tomorrow for the Welsh announcement of their next steps in the relaxing of pandemic restrictions in order to check what we’ll be able or not able to do whilst there….


Tonight, it seems that SideStreamBob issued his latest offering yesterday and so that’ll be my bedtime reading!! :)

5 responses to “Session 24 – The Weatherman Can Be Wrong…”

  1. Forgot to say – we had Biblical rain down here on Monday!

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    1. We were in the right place then!! :)

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  2. The Tench Tamer strikes again – well payed sir!

    A small stream is something I need to identify, but this near the coast it isn’t obvious to me how I fill that gap.

    Have a good holiday you two.

    … and finally, surely you can find some better bedtime reading than my ramblings?


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    1. Still to read!
      Went to bed abso shattered and went straight off to sleep….!


      1. Yes, any one of my posts will cure insomnia.

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