River Season Still Not Got Kicked Off!

As of today, 29th June, not have I not only managed to get on to a flowing water but, in fact, not any type of water at all.

I had a week of medication not doing its duty and thus completely bloated and feeling fatigued and lifeless ..,. followed by weather not aligning itself to my requirements ie days I had access to the car it rained, fine days Liz had car for work.

However, despite plans for yesterday being shelved for bad weather again, the forecast for Thursday (1st July) is far more promising and I’d got plans for one of two options – (1) pool fishing at a local club pool or (2) river fishing on a BAA stretch of the Worcestershire Stour (11 yards wide at its widest but over 1 mile long according to the BAA map) … but we’ve since learnt that due to a family meet-up for Sunday lunch it won’t be possible to fish a planned outing on either Monday (5th) due to medication requirements nor the later mooted Tuesday (6th) when Liz later realised she has a hair appointment and needs the car for that… :(

So, due to the loss of those Monday/Tuesday dates, I’ve decided to take a third option for Thursday ie go to the tench/bream pool :) … and then following Thursday (8th) I’ll make that outing to the Stour (weather permitting, etc) … and also hopefully the following Monday (12th) Liz and I will visit the Warks Avon for bream – and I might even pack my hefty ‘barbel’ rod and some unused deadbaits remaining in the freezer from earlier in the year and have a try for a zander, something I’ve never caught.

Anyway, I hope all are in good health … especially WheatNotCasters/Jacksonb1 who seemed to be recovering from serious illness well … and in May IIRC actually managed to fish a match although I’ve not heard of anything since… hope all is well!

Oh, and SideStreamBob ….. I’ve bought boxes of Morrison’s ‘Weetabix’ and ‘Bran Flakes’ which I’ve ground down coarsely as a supplement to my usual ground bait – virtually as a replacement for some or all of my cracked seed/porage/Vitalin ingredients – bought 4 boxs of ‘Weetabix’ and 2 of ‘Bran Flakes’ which has given me a good 12 litres of supplement for my basic breadcrumb – and again when used I supplement the feed with the usual  maize/corn/maggot/barley/hemp/etc particles … and also boiled up some pearl barley properly in 2 flavours – strawberry syrup and butterscotch syrup … both looking and smelling good but still awaiting testing which will be done on Thursday!! J Thanks to WNC and SSB for those tips!!

3 responses to “River Season Still Not Got Kicked Off!”

  1. Absolutely fine, Clive, thanks, at the moment :)
    I do get the odd ‘bad’ periods but they seem less frequent, so touching wood and crossing fingers! :)

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    1. Pleased to hear it Steve. In my Luddite way i must have goofed up my WP settings – I can see your reply but not my comment!



  2. Steve

    Funnily enough I was thinking only this evening I’d not heard from you in a wee while. Hoping you are basically okay. Same story here, I’ve been a bit out of kilter (I’ll cover when I post next) and on my better days either the car was unavailable, I was invigilating or it was raining (or worse still windy). I feel I’ve missed an important fortnight of the season though!

    I hope all is well with Mr.Jackson and he is merely keeping us tenterhooks until month end (he often posts at month end).



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