Session 20 – Carpin’ On…

Monday 7th June I took a trip to a club pool (AA-GH). Predominantly a carp pool it does hold a good head of silvers with roach to over 2lb, bream, and more recently perch have been turning up … and it also holds excellent pike and chub although a few years back the club did a ‘tidy up’ and chopped back a lot of overhanging vegetation and having done so and removed the chub’s shelter the chub seemed to have moved on … but where to I don’t know … possibly across to the island but even so even the ‘trimmed’ area does seem to still have more shelter than elsewhere on the pool including that afforded by the island.

As usual, at my 0700 arrival time, I was first there having to unlock the gates to gain access to the pool area and thus my intended swim of the day was free.

The intention was to floatfish (lift method) in the 11 feet of water along the tree lined bank in the hope of getting in contact with the bream or even a chub … and with the warmer brighter weather the carp are now cruising on the top and so fishing floaters for them was, I thought, a good fall back plan and so a bag of Baker’s Meaty Treats were added to the bait bag. I’m not a major fan of carp, probably at the bottom of my desired species usually, but I do enjoy fishing floating baits and to me its virtually the ONLY way to enjoyably catch carp….

A bit of pre-baiting whilst tackling up, tackling up, and I made my first cast at 0815 with the float rod baited with maggot….

An hour later, having had not a touch and with the carp taking my catapulted out dog treats I decided to switch to my floater rod.

FLOATER ROD – 10’/11’ 1.75lb TC ‘Winfield’ Specialist Angler rod (Woolworth’s ca mid 70’s IIRC) set up with 12lb mainline and a size 4 barbless hook. I also carry a ball of wax taken from the coating of cheeses such as BabyBel and the small truckles we have at Xmas – this can be used, if necessary, to wrap like a small sausage around the line – it adds extra weight for casting and is also buoyant  … and I also carry a small jar of Vaseline to grease the line to cause it to float. I would preferably, and did, use 30lb braid for the line at one time but one of my clubs disallows use of braid line (well, the rule actually says ‘no braid mainline’ so I assume that braid is OK as a hooklength otherwise there’d be no need of the qualifier term ‘mainline’?) and so my rod is set up with 12lb mono these days.

So baited up with a Bakers Treat … cast out, and a short while later a common carp is landed after an arm tiring scrap… 13lb 6oz…

2021-06-07 Steve - 13lb 6oz Common Carp 1
13lb 6oz Common Carp

From then on until 1315 I had a quiet period and swapped between the float and the floater rods a few times… never had a touch on the float but a few ‘misses’ on the floaters using Bakers and bread as the bait.

1315 – a 4lb 6oz common carp succumbs to floating bread…

2021-05-07 Steve - 4lb 6oz Common Carp
4lb 6oz Common Carp

1350 – a good fish is lost after a lengthy battle … getting close to landing when it goes underneath bushes to my right and snags up in old dead branches and twigs underneath and sheds hook – a good weight of of old wood is landed though!

1500 – a 5lb 9oz common carp on bread…

2021-05-07 Steve - 5lb 9oz Common Carp
5lb 9oz Common Carp

1515 – a 6lb 5oz common carp taken on bread comes to the net…

2021-06-07 Steve - 6lb 5oz Common Carp
6lb 5oz Common Carp

1540 – a 6lb 12oz mirror carp takes the bread,…

2021-06-07 Steve - 6lb 12oz Mirror Carp
6lb 12oz Mirror Carp

  … and at that I called it an end of the day… :)


With Liz away currently I had planned to fish Monday, Wednesday and Friday BUT I was so worn out last night – I even went to bed at 2100 – I have decided to just do my usual two days – Monday and Thursday.

So Thursday – not sure about the venue, I had thought about the BAA’s Nordley Pools as one of my original three so that will still be a contender – but there’s also the pull of the bream/tench pool and another too which I visited a short time ago but had to leave early……

3 responses to “Session 20 – Carpin’ On…”

  1. Seen plenty of ‘carp are spawning’ posts but not round here in any pool I’ve seen. I think waters are still not warmed up enough for that. Yep plenty ‘cruising’ which is what I think people are mistaking for spawning activity when really to us it’s just a sunny days outing in the convertible with the roof down…and spawning is unmistakeable …basically what would happen if the speed limit was removed on motorways for a day .. in terms of having a pleasant drive and the carnage created!! Lol!!

    Anyway, expect it’s not too far off now!!

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    1. I guess down here the carp will be a bit earlier than in the Midlands. I think the tench may spawn after traditional close season. I’ve not scouted the rivers but I’ve seen mentions of the chub yet to spawn on the Stour and Avon.



  2. You bagged up there Steve – I was actually thinking the carp might be off on their Club 18-30 holidays (i.e spawning) at present, but clearly not.


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