Session 17 – Mission: Withdrawal

Tuesday, 25th May, I set off at 0640 for a local club pool (SAC-DP) which is only 10-15 minutes from my house – well, at that time of the morning anyway, later and you start to hit the works traffic heading into Wolverhampton and as I live only 2 miles south of the city and, being so close to the city centre, it means a lot of traffic converges from all directions from 0730 until gone 0900. Luckily most of my fishing venues involve driving across the roads leading into the city and most of the crossroads are traffic lighted so I do get decent opportunities to pass across.

Traffic though is generally back to 98% ‘normal’ now the covid restrictions have been eased it seems to me …

Anyway, before setting off I was a bit in two minds about going out … the weather forecast was good’ish, the best it had been for a good week or more, but the skies looked grey in the main but with blue skies in the distance … and my ‘problem’ and the possible need for facilities … but in the end I decided ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ and, as the water was close to home and I’d my ‘emergency’ facilities so I decided to set out…

I arrived at the pool and parked in the bottom car park close to the water and selected a ‘close to car’ peg that looked decent – lily pad edged, etc – but not a peg I’d fished before. Bit of a cool breeze though…

I was just setting up to fish laying-on/lift-method with the float rod having prebaited a bit when I realised that I’d no memory of loading/unloading my ‘tent’ although all my other bits’n’pieces were present and correct – and that I think started me on the ‘road to doom’ by it nagging on my mind … and being unable to relax … etc … etc … and thus forcing the doubt to become an actual need … and so I had to pack up to return home within a couple of hours of first cast.

So I did manage a couple of hours, albeit fruitless ones, with not a single touch on worm or prawn baits … and I did get home safely :)

So, with the weather seemingly due for an upturn to become what it should really be at this time of year, Liz and I will be out on the waters next Monday (31st) hopefully – so the tench and bream best look out! LOL!

3 responses to “Session 17 – Mission: Withdrawal”

  1. Very enjoyable blog will read from the start and inspiring recently visited nordley pools for a recce

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    1. Goes back to 2013!! Lot of catching up!!

      Tight lines!!


  2. I’ll see your 2 hours and raise you. How about no hours. The club website said Avon Tyrrell had reopened, I asked on the forum if you still had to ring to book, no answer so I popped up yesterday morning and was turned away as I didn’t have a booking.

    I did book for Friday before leaving though.



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