Session 15 – Quiet, Too Quiet – Are The Fish Getting Ready To Spawn?

Thursday 26th April, I set off for a club pool (AA-GH) where carp are the predominant species although there are roach and rudd with the roach going over 2lb – but the only interest I have in those are as pike bait – bream and lately perch have been showing up in numbers despite over the previous 9 years of fishing the pool the only perch I’d seen was a minnow sized one that got trapped in my landing net when I pulled it from the water after a session there about a year ago. Also holds good pike – in fact a 30lb+ pike that had been caught a number of times over the years (not by me) was found dead in the margins a few years back and was weighed at that time at 38lb! The pool also has lots of other pike in the mid-teens plus several in the twenties … that’s not bad for a pool of around 2 acres is it? :)

I arrived at the pool around 0700, baited up with the usual cereal/particle mix/dead maggot, and after tackling up the float rod – 6lb line, size 12 hook baited with a bunch of 5-6 maggots, 4AAA windbeater float overshotted and set overdepth to fish lift method – I made the first cast of the day at 0740.

All was quiet the first couple of hours and then I had a couple of takes in the space of 10 minutes at around 0930. The first take was missed but the second was hooked and eventually a 6lb 20z common carp was landed.

2021-04-26 Steve - 6lb 2oz Common Carp 01
6lb 2oz Common Carp

And then …. up to 1530 when I packed up for the day … I had not another touch despite changing baits to worm, bread, paste and back to maggot.

A few carp were cruising around but didn’t seem interested in any floaties I flicked out…

Is the warming water causing the fish to congregate for spawning? I know it’s still too warm for carp to spawn but the other species spawn earlier? And possibly the upward water temperatures are causing to their shoaling together? From observations none of the other anglers in view were catching much … one chap directly opposite to me had a couple of small silvers that I saw but nothing else.


It will probably Monday 3rd May before I head out again. Stomach a bit off today so a trip out to the banks tomorrow is not likely – and not even started sorting tackle and baits that I would need anyway. Depending how I feel I might take some rubbish to the local tip … and need to visit optician for new ear pieces for my hearing aids, get maggots for Monday, etc … and at 1715 I’ve an appointment at the docs for my second Covid vaccination  


AIR:                   MIN:   3.8’C      MAX: 20.4’C
WATER:            MIN:  12.2’C     MAX: 14.7’C





2 responses to “Session 15 – Quiet, Too Quiet – Are The Fish Getting Ready To Spawn?”

  1. More like a comment on 2 closely timed bites after 2 hours and then nothing for the next 6 hours.
    Carp was very welcome in view of this! LOL


  2. As “too quiet” days go a day with a six pound fish isn’t totally shabby (I do get though that like me you have an on off relationship with carp).



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