Session 12 – Sacrifices To The Angling Gods Given Out In Vain…

Thursday 15th April at 0715 I set out for a solo session on a local club pool (SAC-DP).

A bit cool to start, the day warmed up nicely with a very light southerly breeze and blue skies punctuated with white fluffy clouds…

I arrived on the main car park around 0740 to find one other car there plus I could see a further car in the process of being unloaded in the small car park at the southern end … so I unloaded and headed with the barrow to my intended swim for the day and, as expected, the swim was free.

The plan was to floatfish – laying on per usual – next to the overhanging bush to my left (3rd picture) initially for a couple of hours and then to switch to the 2 ledger rods with frame feeders if necessary/desireable.

So, first cast was made at 0815 – double maggot on a size 16 hook, 6lb line, wind/driftbeater float. Catapulted comatose and stirring maggots were used as free feed… and I fished like this until 1000 having a few float nudges and a few lifts but couldn’t connect with anything.

1000, a switch over to the two feeder rods – 8lb line with size 4/6 hooks, cereal/particle feeder filling. Bait was bread and slices of Ye Olde Oak chilli sausage. The chili sausage is a bait that several years ago was a regular go-to bait of mine and would often catch when no other would. However, it seems to have been forgotten over the passage of time. Anyway, last week I had cause to have a look in the greenhouse for something and spotted my crate of tinned baits that are kept in there these days as an overflow from the garage and bait fridge and among the tins were a couple of cans of chilli sausage.

 (Note to self: need to sort baits out!! I don’t use pellets or boilies but have shelves full of the things! Mainly due to when Liz and I go to ‘The Big One’ show when we get drawn into the deals and buy multi-packs plus one of my clubs used to – pre-Covid – arrange social nights with well known anglers giving talks and part of each night included a raffle with prizes of equipment and baits often donated by a local angling manufacturer/supplier and I’d often win 2 or 3 prizes each time generally one of which would be bait based -= groundbait, pellets and/or boilies).  

Anyway, neither bread nor sausage seemed to the taste of the fishes on the day and when I packed up at 1430 I had not had a single beep on either buzzer.

However, I think it was a day when the fishes weren’t interested generally … being quite a nice sunny day quite a few others turned up to fish over the course of my session and it appeared from what I heard from passers by and by observation of the anglers on the far bank who seemed to be catching, mainly on the pole, but nothing of size – seemed to be from minnow to sardine size fish.


Monday, 19th April, off with Liz back to the bream and tench pool…


WATER:        MIN:          9.1’C     MAX: 10.9’C
AIR:              MIN:        11.3’C     MAX: 17.5’C





8 responses to “Session 12 – Sacrifices To The Angling Gods Given Out In Vain…”

  1. I’m sure I just used to use a mini swivel, pass the hook link loop through the eye and pass the hook through the end loop. My memory is a bit grey though, like my ‘severely in need of a cut’ hair 😆

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    1. I find using loop-to-loop (which is the same as eye-to-loop really) far too fiddly and time consuming to connect/unconnect especially with uncoated braid as my hooklink loops generally are – and my eyesight :D.

      When using worms for bait I use a baiting needle down the whole length of the worm – stops the worm wriggling off my barbless hooks as I don’t like bits of rubber (even if its shaped like an artificial maggot) performing the task. Also I think the worm appears more natural and moves more naturally than when hooked any other way … plus the same worm can last several catches as, when the fish tries to reject it, it often just slides up the hooklink and just needs sliding back down onto the hook before the next cast :)

      My hair is good! Liz does a No. 2 for me – just needs clippers :)
      And only one accident so far when she took off the ‘spacer’ to fine trim round my ears or similar and then decided to do the top of my head but forgot the spacer had been removed so ended up with a bald ‘M1 roadway’ for a few weeks!!!

      Liz is also looking forward to her booked haircut on Tuesday too – she said her hair’s not been so long since she was at school!

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      1. Ah yes, I used to do mine with clippers #lionelblaircut
        My eyes are also much worse since I last fished so I must remember glasses when I finally get out there otherwise I’ll be knackered.

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  2. … or even a gent! Doh, curse these fingers.


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  3. Thanks Steve – you’re agent.


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  4. UPDATE:
    Seems that AT *MAY* sell the Guru beads but marked ‘Out of stock’ so possibly may become back in stock at some time in the future…


  5. Hi, Clive!

    Quick change beads… (£2.99 per pack of 5, standard size)

    or (£2.45, pack of 6)

    I’ve not used the Middy ones but are of the same form as the Korum ones – and cheaper :)

    There is another type as well but seems AD don’t do them anyway so probably not of interest…
    Guru Speed Beads.
    Smaller than the others they consist of a small swivel – eyed at one end to attach to line and hooked at the other to slip the hook link loop over and a plastic cap that slips over. The best looking but to be honest I find them very fiddly and the plastic cap is hard’ish plastic and although it holds well it is also tricky to pull off the swivel to change/fit the hook link. Tend to sell about same price range as the others at £2.70-£3.00 for a pack of 6.

    Hope that helps….



  6. Shame about the blank but still it was time in fresh air. Air temperatures here are all over the place and there was talk of fish starting to spawn at a local lake but I expect that has stalled. It all adds up to a tricky time.

    One favour, I’m doing a bulk order to Anglers Direct of hooks and bits (my daughter gave me a voucher for my birthday) and could I ask what the correct name is for the quick release dooby dobs you attach your hook lengths with?




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