Session 9 (2021) – A Nice Day Despite a Good Fish Lost!

Monday, 29th March, Liz and I set off at the usual time to the mixed fishery club pool (AA-B) that we had visited the previous Monday.

Weather was forecast good with a southwesterly breeze but as it was a strong breeze (13-15mph) we decided to fish with our backs to it rather than face into it as is the usual wisdom of such things, just to make the fishing a little easier. However, the swims we fished were almost directly opposite those of the previous week where we had had a very good day’s fishing and the pool is long and narrow.

I fished lift method all day, as did Liz also apart from a short spell with a maggot feeder, both fishing 6lb line to size 16 hooks baited with maggot and using 7BB wind/driftbeater floats.

My swim was baited up pre-tackling up with red cereal feed laced with maggot, hemp/wheat/couscous and sweetcorn.

Over the day I loose fed frequent but small amounts of extra maggots and the occasional small ball of groundbait.

The day started quietly with not much action, a few minor nudges of the float which were probably line bites as the float re-settled exactly as it was, ie the bottom shot not disturbed, after the 0915 first cast until 1255 when the float did a proper lift and sail away. A strike met a heavy weight which moved steadily but initially unstoppingly out on a righthand diagonal line from me … but once the fish had been brought to a halt I gained line on the fish which didn’t really put up much of a fight and so I suspect it was a good bream but I’ll never know as close to the bank the hook pulled free…. whereupon several words like ‘botheration!’ and ‘oh dear!’ formed in my mind although voiced differently albeit silently when they left my lips.

1335 – Liz had a barbel of around 6oz…    

1435 – I had a small mirror carp…

1535 – Liz has the best fish of the day, a tench of 3lb 3oz…

1555 – I had a tench of 2lb 11oz….


We both also had a couple of small roach/rudd over the day but I didn’t note the details of those.

1630 – packed in and headed home… thinking that in two weeks time we’ll probably be able to resume the usual homeward journey – via our local hostelry for a beverage, scratching and nuts :)


I had originally intended to re-visit the ‘new’ pool on Thursday 1st April but have decided due to the bottom weed found there I wanted to make some pop-up boilies and some stinky paste … but as I have/had jobs to do at home plus have the need to re-sort my rods and tackle time is a bit pressing and so I’ve decided to postpone that trip for a while – as after looking at next Monday’s forecast (6’C with sleet showers) I might have a day of rest that day! Anyway, that gives me a bit of extra time to prepare the desired baits for when I make that outing.

So, Thursday is now a trip to my most local of my available club pools (SAC-DP) and I’m intending to visit an area on there that I’ve not yet tried.


WATER:            MIN:     9.5’C     MAX:  11.5’C

AIR:                   MIN:    14.4’C    MAX:  31.5’C!!!
          I think the thermo was out of the shade at some stage!!
          So using the Accuweather recorded 17’C for data purposes.


ScreenHunter 65



2 responses to “Session 9 (2021) – A Nice Day Despite a Good Fish Lost!”

  1. All hail the tench King and Queen.

    Not a shabby start to your 2021 Tinca Campaign.


    Liked by 1 person

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