Session 4 (2021) – Chillin’ At The Water’s Edge…

Monday 15th March saw me head off on a solo session to one of my local club waters (SAC-DP) leaving the house at around 0730 and arriving at the car park around 0745.

The day was a generally a mixture of white cloudy overcast and blue sunny skies but with a very cooling breeze evident throughout.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-15 at 09.32.54

Choice of peg for the day was peg 48 – a venture out into the unknown to me as I usually fish over on the extreme left of the photo (peg 27). The only other peg I’ve ever fished is the one where the angler on the far bank is located or possibly one along further to the right. The peg was chosen for the day on advice that the 40’s pegs were generally the best … and the actual peg on the basis that it offered space to store my barrow, holdalls and bags when I had removed the required items from them as the bank along that area was quite tight – a narrow path with a steep bank on the far side of it and the fishing side is a step down on to scaffold and plastic plank platforms. However, this peg did have a bit of grass space to the side of the platform for the storage.

Tactic for the day – 2 x 1.75lb TC rods, 7g sliding leads on 6” links, 8lb line virtually straight through (as usual I had hooklengths of same BS) and hooks of size 8 (worm) and size 6 (bread). I *HAD* intended to use frame feeders BUT discovered that when I’d swapped tackle back from my last session (piking) I’d not replaced my bag of feeders! So… feeding the swim was via a catapult.

I was all set up and made first casts at around 0840 … had my breakfast cob of marmalade at 1030 and my lunch cob of ham and mayonnaise at 1315…. and packed up at 1430. Yep, think that was the full report of all the day’s action – apart from the occasional pouring of a cup of coffee from the flask and a choccie bar!!

Oh… and I discovered something whilst sorting out my gear the previous day … I seem to have lost my fishing chair! I think when I last fished – on the 1st March. I have a vague recollection that I’d propped it up against a fence whilst I put everything else in the motor and then seemingly missed it out. Not easy – quite a big chair – high backed with adjustable recline – but it seems I’ve managed it. I contacted the club secretary to see if anyone had reported it found but nothing had. I’ve now posted on the club’s Facebook page and on the club’s forum pages – and asked the admin of the club’s main web site if he could post something on there for me. But doubtful after this period of time so I’ve ordered a new seat anyway – a JRC Cocoon 2G recliner from FishDeal.


Thursday 18th March I’m hoping to head to the tench, barbel and bream pool….


AIR:                  MIN:    9.0’C      MAX:  21.5’C
WATER:            MIN:    6.7’C      MAX:    7.1’C





4 responses to “Session 4 (2021) – Chillin’ At The Water’s Edge…”

  1. I don’t know. I’m relying on you two to come up with the goods and you can’t even turn up with all the gear!
    Steve – maybe a few selfies holding your cobs out at arms length (oo er missus), after you’ve weighed them of course.
    Just something please 😂

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    1. Stay tuned Matty, spoiler alert, todays session featured fish. Although if you really are relying on us two to come up with the goods, based on my efforts, all the pressure is on Steve.


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    2. Careful what you wish for!!! 😂

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  2. Steve

    Parallels with my fishing:

    About ten months ago I was convinced I had left my over-sized landing net somewhere . Whilst it wasn’t especially serious as its not an item I have much use for, I then found it a couple of months ago stuffed in a rod holdall I hadn’t used for ages.

    Today I didn’t take the Avon rod with me, but forgot the reliable reader Avanti reel was still attached to it so had to make do with the Shimano ‘coffee grinder’ reel. It actually performed okay until the last cast when it randomly wrapped line round the bale arm.

    Describing anything but catching – pretty much my stock in trade.


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