Session 3 (2021) – Waters Re-open And A Pike Session…

Monday 1st March saw me set off from home at 0700 for a pike fishing session at a local club pool (Pike Water 24).

A special occasion really as the club had closed all its waters to angling from the start of Lockdown 3 (January 7th?) and today was the first day of access being allowed again to all its waters.

The morning was cold with a slight breeze meaning that I needed to spray defroster on the car windows and switch on the windscreen and rear window heaters before I could drive away from home… BTW the window heating on the new wagon is far superior to that of the old vehicle, took all of approx 2 minutes to clear!

[Old vehicle is no longer owned by me actually any more – on Wednesday last week I arranged the sale to a salvage yard and they came and took it away on a low loader – and tomorrow I’ll be dropping the cheque into my bank :)]

I arrived on the pool’s car park around 0720 with one car entering just in front of me … however, as that driver decided not to battle the pools of water up to the pool end of the parking area – the venue is a stables and the path is used by tractors to take the old hay/bedding up to a disposal area and consequently the path is full of holes and is mostly churned up mud although the club has, and does often, lay hard core on it – he parked quite a way short whereas I battled the path and parked as close to the water as possible. TBH you don’t gain a lot parking away from the pool as you still have to barrow/carry your tackle through that assault course anyway. So, tomorrows job now – give the car a Karcher’ing – although it is actually quite clean considering… but its a job that’s been intended to be done for a while now anyway :)

I started out by setting up my light float rod to fish for livebaits and intended to fish that way until 1030 or until I’d got enough bait accumulated… However, that time was eroded appreciably by repeatedly having to sort out tangles and resolve knots in the line … and when I did get the line actually fishing I had not one bite at all…

1030 – float rod away and one pike rod was set up for floatfished deadbait using a sardine…

At this time air temps seemed to be on a rise and I watched the thermometer rise by about 0.1’C per minute real time from around 5.5’C to 6.7’C as I watched but going by the end of day ‘MAX’ reading it seems to have got to over 8’C! …. but then it seemed to just as quickly, if not quicker drop again, down to below 4’C! It seemed like a random bubble of warm air passed had through….

1200 – still not having had one sign of action despite trying depth and location changes and with the temps still dropping I decided to call it a day and head home….


Undecided – but unlikely to go again this week – a bit cold!! LOL
So next Monday (8th) is most likely to be the next day’s outing. Temps forecast to be 9’C and might even talk Liz into an outing :)

AIR:                  MIN:    2.0’C      MAX:   8.3’C
WATER:           MIN:    6.5’C      MAX:   6.7’C


ScreenHunter 48


ScreenHunter 51

3 responses to “Session 3 (2021) – Waters Re-open And A Pike Session…”

  1. Hi, Clive.
    Water temps taken at bank but at bottom(ish)…

    I use an indoor/outdoor thermometer that has the outdoor sensor attached on a 3m cable – the thermo itself is located by the front rod rests and the sensor/cable swung out to its full length into the margins and so rests on the bottom….

    Its more the changes than the absolute temps that bare of interest – rising or falling – but as I generally fish twice a week health permitting the temps between readings could have been going up and down like a yo-yo anyway! However, water temps don’t change as quickly as the air so… and also my readings are at different waters, not often the same water twice in a row, and so different conditions?

    The water readings are true but not the air ones … if the thermo is in open air (ie not shaded) then it gets the radiated heat direct from the sun, or whatever bit of sun we get … hence, like yesterday (sunny at times) the air temps I recorded went up to 21’C whereas the actual air, esp when felt with the wind chill factor added was far cooler!

    And they don’t provide much useful info for me really… I don’t catch on any sort of temp change … rising, falling or steady!! But does add a bit of optimism … LOL


    1. Steve

      I think you’ve confirmed my thinking and I think it is best I still clear of water temperatures. Your point about different waters is one that was bothering me as is there any correlation between Orchard Lakes (shallow gravel lakes, no inlet or outlet) ) and Mudeford (silty with an inflow and out flow)? Plus the local sages say the Avon and Stour differ in temperature. Temps for both rivers are available but obviously only at set points. Is it yet another variable on tidal stretches?

      The trouble is if I started taking water temperatures the anorak in me would want to take readings all round Mudeford Woods to find the comparatively warmer water. It would just get too time consuming and a bit nerdy. That said I think I get your use of them to establish ‘pike o’clock’.

      The other thing is is ideally I’d like to know the water temperature when I’m under the duvet rather than arrive at a lake to find they’ve plunged. You’re the optimist, I’m the pessimist.



  2. Well I’ve let the river season slip past for the umpteenth time. When will I learn? Have I been put since the 2nd?

    When you take water temperatures, is the reading taken where your bait is or at your feet? I’m not sure I’ve fully got to grips with recording water temperature concept and I’m not sure it’s a road I want to go down because I can get a anorakish about data.

    I think we’ll start to get a bit more mobility back soo, well until about October and lockdwon#4.



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