Anyway, my latest SENIOR moment – and its a masterpiece!
I said in my own blog posting about the aborted trip that due to a broken reel that Liz and I ended up just walking the canal instead of the intended lure fishing. SO given that you’d think that what I’d need to do would be to purchase a new reel? Common sense? Well, what did I do? I went and bought new spinning rods – and no reel! And to compound the error of buying rods instead of a reel – I bought FOUR rods! Thinking that when I ledger I use TWO identical rods – plus the same for Liz – and thus we’d need 4 rods between us …. However, when lure fishing/spinning each of us using two rods simultaneously is going to test our dexterity!?? DOH!!!! However, I suppose use can be made of them by setting up one rod each as braid with fluorocarbon leaders for small lures for perch, and the other rod as braid with wire traces for larger lures for pike. I read that renowned Gord Burton (aka ‘The Piking Pirate’) uses fluorocarbon leaders for most of his pike lure sessions these days so that adds some weighty recommendation?

Or possibly rig one of each of our two new rods with fluorocarbon main line and the other with braid as one of our clubs does not allow braid main lines (although braid leaders are OK).

The new rods are quite nice …. Okuma, 8’6″, rated for 10g-30g lures but seem to have enough ‘whip’ to send a 2g micro-jigged lure on 15lb braid across to the far bank of the canals around here without problem.

One thing I need to do is resolve the reel issue… I’ve a couple of still boxed Shakespeare size 30 reels I can use plus one still boxed Okuma size 30 reel. So I either need to get another matching Okuma reel OR look through my setup rods and see if there’s one that I could remove/replace OR remove a matching pair of suitable reels from those…. 

3 responses to “SENIOR MOMENTS!”

  1. Some mothers do ave em! 😄


  2. In next week’s exciting post Steve the Angler (aka Man with Rods) will reveal how he ordered a new wardrobe off of the internet at the bargain price of £8.99, only for it to arrive and be an item of Doll’s House furniture.


    1. That’s like a YouTube of a purchase from ‘Wish’!! LOL!

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