NEARLY!!! Oh So Very Nearly A Session!

Liz and I had intended to pop to the canal for an hour’s walk with the light lure rods … but ended up doing the walk without the rods.
We originally intended to go out about 1100 but when I got up at about 0900 it looked *COLD* out and had that ‘possible snow later’ look too. And then when I went to make slight adjustments to the pre-tackled rods I discovered one on my reels had seized up … and not having a suitable spare at hand was the final straw and put the fishing part of the plan on a rain check.
However, 1200, it was looking better out – brighter with some actual sunshine – and so we headed out for an hour along the canal albeit not the stretch we’d have gone if we’d intended to fish… Still it was enjoyable especially as I don’t think I’d ‘exercised’ in any way or form (bar switching TV channels with the remote) for at least 10 days – and the few anglers we passed hadn’t been doing any good so that eased the soul!! :D

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