Session 35 – The Session That Was Not To Be…

Monday, 30th November, was intended to be a short session, possibly 0900-1200, at a local club pool but my occasional need to ‘recharge the batteries’ overcame me … in fact, I didn’t rise from my bed until 1030 the previous day and ended up watching Christmas and horror movies on the day and so no tackle or bait prep was done so really the decision was made then but then again today, 30th, I was woken by Liz at 1100 with a mug of coffee which meant I actually got out of bed at 1130!

I had a couple of dreams too … one of which involved the session that was not to be … although it to be a solo trip in the dream I had a companion, don’t know who but did say as we were packing the car that ‘I’m not taking the barrow and all my kit, just my trolley and my (Shakespeare) box…’ and that was the plan I was in actuality intending … basically one float rod, etc as for a trip being undertaken on the bus for a canal session….

However, looking out of the windows here at home it’s a ‘right miserable day out there’….

… and so I’m not as disappointed as I might have been …

So, as I said previously, as I wasn’t intending fishing much in December and definitely unlikely to be doing so before Christmas Day it looks like being a while to my next outing … but you never know do you and a lure session might slip in there… :)

Tight lines to all of you who manage to get out in the meantime … keep your post coming and look forward to reading them…

Today for me now … writing Xmas cards, watching Xmas movies,….

Ciao, my friends!

2 responses to “Session 35 – The Session That Was Not To Be…”

  1. In a low key way I did the same today. I’d loosely planned to go to the Avon at Ringwood, but although I was up in time, it was cold and foggy so I mooched around at home and then thought I can find plenty to do in the garden. I’m not sure we need to beat ourselves up about it, but go with the flow and not make fishing a chore. That said it was really chilly in the garden this afternoon so it was probably a wise choice.

    I’ve just been put to the shed and it has warmed up significantly here from the afternoon.


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  2. Just to make you jealous… I went today and fished 8:45 to 11:40, long walk with just the bag-seat, nets and bait bucket, a waggler and a pike rod. Had 3 pike 7-14, 9-0 and 9-0 The two are the same weight as they were the same fish, caught 15 minutes apart! Had some nice roach and rudd also. Now you have recharged get fishing!


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