Session 33 – The Blog Of SteveTheAngler’s Latest Session Aged 69 Years And 365 Days… The End Of An Era…

On Monday, 23th November, at 0700 I set off on my last angling session as a young person in their 60’s as today (as I write on the 24th) I became a Septuagenarian J

The session was to a mixed species club fishery (AA-BP) holding a varied range of species from gudgeon to king carp including the usual silver species, tench, perch, barbel and chub and, in fact, the only indigenous species missing are pike and sturgeon that I can think of although the crucian carp that were in there may have ended up as food for the cormorants that frequent(ed) the water as I’ve not seen, nor heard, of any being caught in quite a while but that’s not to say they’re not there as a few of years back the ever-existent perch seemed to disappear and I didn’t catch a single one in that whole time albeit mainly baiting with maggots and worms – sure perch catchers – but then they re-appeared as quickly as they’d gone with my first capture of the re-appearance being a 2lb 8oz fish which is still my PB perch.

2020-11-23 01

On arrival at around 0730 the first thing I noted was that the otter-proof fencing that the club had a grant to install, but which got delayed in getting up due to the pandemic situation, is now in-situ…

2020-11-23 Otter Fencing

… and encloses both pools on the site. There have been no problems with otters on the pools to date but as the EA representative said when initially surveying the site – “No sign of otters at all yet, but they will surely turn up in time…”

Anyway, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a great day as there had been a heavy frost overnight and the ground was white over as I drove out into the countryside … and the water temperature when measured was 7.0’C … and this particular water is a ‘warm water’ in that usually during October to April you struggle to even get bites never mind actually catch – and as it is a shallow water (about 4’6” at deepest) the water temps drop quickly – and as I’d been measuring temps in the 9-10’C ranges over previous weeks on the other waters I’d fished it would seem that the pool waters had dropped by 2’C very quickly … and a negative dTemp (ie temperature drop) is not good for results usually especially if it occurs rapidly (dTemp/dTime).

So with more hope than optimism I tackled up my float rod with 6lb mainline,  a 6BB crystal waggler, overshotted with one 2SSG shot and fished overdepth (ie laying-on/lift method) initially with a size 16 double maggot baited hook making my first cast at 0830. Small quantities of micro-pellet and dead maggot feed were catapulted out at intervals around the fished area which was around 2-3 rod lengths out.

1030 arrived with not a single sign of any fish interest in my bait and I spent most of that time wishing I’d gone to a pike pool for which I reckoned the current conditions would have been perfect … the occasional flip-flop and dimpling from small fry around the pool did give me a modicum of hope and to persevere… and I switched my hook over to a size 12 with dendrobaena worm baits… and soon after I started getting tweaks and small lifts on the float … and at 1100 hooked into a fish which was successfully landed … a 5lb 3oz mirror carp..

2020-11-23 Steve - 5lb 3oz Mirror Carp
5lb 3oz Mirror Carp

The tweaks and lifts continued albeit they were tailing off as time passed and after 1200 they were few and far between. However, I fished on until around 1330 but no further captures were made.

Being my last ‘60s session’ plus the fact of the not helpful conditions I was chuffed to have the marked the occasion by it not being a blank!

Two others arrived on the water after my arrival – one walked around the pool and then seemed to settle on the neighbouring carp and chub only pool (AA-OP) out of my sight so I’m unsure if caught … and the other was drop-shotting or possibly micro-jigging for perch on the bank opposite me but I didn’t see him have any action either.


I’m intending to make my first Septuagenarian trip out on Thursday (26th) on a pike session.


AIR:                  MIN:  3.7’C        MAX: 11.8’C
WATER:           MIN:  6.8’C        MAX:   7.1’C


ScreenHunter 23


ScreenHunter 25

2 responses to “Session 33 – The Blog Of SteveTheAngler’s Latest Session Aged 69 Years And 365 Days… The End Of An Era…”

  1. Also I should have commented that ‘man heads out to catch bream and perch and lands a carp’ deserves a few blogger kudos points.



  2. Congrats young man. Enjoy the rest of your birthday.



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