Fishing Out Of Bounds

As I said in my last missive fishing is now off my agenda for a while – hopefully make it back in August sometime… main date for me is 1st October when my fishing until 31st March turns to being 95+% pike orientated.

Also one of my clubs has acquired two new pools which I hope to be able to fish in the near future so August would be good in that respect.

So, I’ll be away due to having an operation to reverse the ileostomy I was given in Sept 2019.

I had my pre-op yesterday (29/6) and will be having CV-19 swabs and CV-19 antibody blood sample taken on Sat (4/7), and the operation itself on Tues (7/7).

At least it’ll give me chance to catch up on the exploits of others on here!!

In the last couple of days one of my two hearing aids packed in which made the pre-op difficult with the nurse filling in the questionnaire getting quite frustrated at time – but not easy listening when the speaker is sat 2+ metres away wearing a mouth/nose mask AND full face shield and half your hearing is taken away – also hospital rooms are quite echo ridden at the best of time I find. Usually Liz sits in with me and helps but due to the current restrictions that isn’t possible at this time. Probably take pencil&pad to allow conversation via those but not sure about restrictions that may affect multiple handlers?? Saw my audiologist about broken aid yesterday – would need sending to workshop for repair which would take a few weeks possibly and no ‘loaners’ available. However, according to his notes, I am due to receive new aids in a few weeks time anyway it seems, so we have decided against repair as it wouldn’t usefully achieve much   and just await the new ones :)

As visiting isn’t allowed on the wards I’ve put Skype on the laptop I’m taking in to be able to talk to Liz. Also installed ‘Virgin 2 Go’ so that I can watch TV all day long (most channels) without paying the £30+ to watch the hospital supplied service … and have also installed BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub and Amazon Prime Video. So no lack of viewing material – even if you don’t count the fishing videos I’ve also copied across to the hard drive! Also reading material consisting of IYCF, Anglers Mail and a Bill Bryson book that my sister brought in to me on my Sept visit AND some e-texts to read via my android tablet…. And audio needs will be supplied by Spotify!

So, I’ll be away from the water myself – but will be looking forward to the reading of the endeavours of others!

RUBBERISING NETS: my version will have to go on the back burner now…. but here are some (USA) videos on which it is based on …. I used Plasti-Dip as my rubberiser…. and a 30″ Korum Folding Spoon net…. As you can see the P-D can be obtained in 2 forms, tin or spray. I recommend the tin! With an open material like a mesh there is a lot of waste when using a spray. Also as the material is thick in the tin I suggest that possibly thinning slightly with MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone – aka Butan-2-one) may be helpful. I’ve not tried thinning yet – I have the MEK but not used it yet and I was intending on using it when I did Liz’s new net and perhaps giving mine a re-dip. However, undiluted worked fine when I did mine but I just wonder if a slightly better result could be obtained (thinner solution might infiltrate the mesh material better?). Basically, I take the mesh off the rim, wash it in just hot water (90′ cycle in the washer, no soap/detergent, etc) to remove any impregnated chemicals there may already be, pour P-D into a disposable aluminium basting tray (and possibly dilute), then wearing plastic gloves (cheapo polythene) just add mesh and soak completely in the P-D, squeeze out excess and hang up to dry but may need to ensure that the mesh is opened out by some method to prevent sides sticking together …. one of those sock type hangers (£1 from Poundland) that consists of 2 concentric rings of pegs is good OR two long canes passed in parallel through opposite sides of the top of the mesh and placed over the backs of two chairs works fine too – sure you’ll get the gist of that! A greased box or ball placed in the bottom may help too but to be honest I didn’t use a bottom spacer and all was fine.


2 responses to “Fishing Out Of Bounds”

  1. Hi Steve – hope all is going well. Do post a few updates.

    Without my glasses I get very disorientated (I dislike swimming pools for that reason) so can imagine that it isn’t great struggling to hear whilst in hospital.

    You’ll have seen that in your absence I’m redefining average as per normal.



  2. Stephen Baines avatar
    Stephen Baines

    Be safe, best wishes


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