Session 17 – From The Valley With A View.

Friday 5th June I, along with Liz, set off for a day’s fishing at the same venue as we visited for Session 14. A decision based mainly on the option of available swims on all the waters available to us in the main. Due to the CV-19 situation most of the waters have limited pegs available to conform to the 15 metre guidelines – and the two pools that were at the forefront of our considerations were ruled out as the available swims were too far apart on both waters – we like to be fairly close, especially as I have hearing trouble and often can’t hear Liz call, in order to net each other’s fish, weigh and photo….

Anyway, there we were… a nice pool anyway (KF-VV) with a view over the Severn Valley and in the distance you can see the smoke of the Severn Valley trains – and hear their whistles/hooters too if the wind is in the right direction.

Having set off at 0630 we arrived at the pool around 0710 to find three cars already on the car park – but one load of anglers (father and kids) had been night fishing on the dam wall and were in the process of packing up – one was fishing Chub Alley (and was having a good day of it from what Liz saw – he was out of view to me) – another was fishing on the ‘spit’ before Chub Alley’s and one was fishing opp that guy, just short of the line of conifers, the middle and far end of which we had intended to fish and so there no problem to us getting our swims.

The day itself was a mixture of weathers – calm/windy/gusty, warm/chilly, wet/dry – everything from very warm when clear blue skies and the wind dropped to wet, cold and windy when the skies greyed over…

First casts were made around 0750 with myself using two ledger rods with frame feeders and Liz with one frame feedered rod. My rods were baited with bread (size 6 hook) and worm (size 10 hook) initially … interest was shown to the worm with small bobs of the bobbin and the occasional lightening fast longer tug but equally as fast drop but nothing at all on the bread… and at 0820 I switched the bread bait over to three cocktail prawns. Recasts were then made every 30 minutes or so with re-loaded feeders and later the cocktail prawns were replaced by, or by parts of, a raw king prawn for the rest of the session…

0900 – Liz lands a 3lb 10oz common carp taken on sweetcorn…

2020-06-05 Liz - 3lb 10oz Common Carp
Liz – 3lb 10oz Common Carp

1035 – I land a 3lb 11oz mirror carp on raw king prawn…

2020-06-05 Steve - 3lb 11oz Mirror Carp
Steve – 3lb 11oz Mirror Carp

1050 – a good take on prawn – missed!

1120 – small perch ca 2-3oz taken on worm.

1145 – another missed take on prawn.

1210 – I have a 6lb 10oz common carp on worm.

2020-06-05 Steve - 6lb 10oz Common Carp
Steve – 6lb 10oz Common Carp

…. and that was it until we packed in at 1500.

Liz never had a touch after landing her carp despite trying several baits inc meat.


The finale of the day….

The After Session Beverages
At The Pen-Ton Arms…. :)


Monday, 8th June, I intend visiting one of the two pools that had been an option on this visit but then discounted due to the peg spacing issue. So I will be able to check out the situation first hand rather than from the maps we have as well for future reference – may not be as bad as it looks … and obviously fish it too!

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