Session 11 – Fishing In Lockdown….

Tuesday, 24th March I headed off to a club pool for my first-of-the-week session and arrived onsite at around 0700. No-one else there on arrival but not surprising as even on a gloriously sunny and warm day like the day itself I find no-one else usually arrives waterside anywhere before 1000…


Anyway, took pic and posted on Facebook and then was when I found out we were supposed to be in ‘lockdown’ – stupid thing to do anyway in my opinion – from other postings on there . One of the things that happen I suppose when you haven’t read a newspaper or watched a TV news broadcast in at least 10 years or more – 15 years probably closer to the truth. The closest I get to ‘keeping up with the news’ is via Facebook postings – but, in all honesty, I do buy the Sun newspaper for 2 weeks in January every year – but that’s only to get the vouchers for Sun Holidays – take paper home, cut out coupons or store codes and paper itself goes into recycling unread. All the interesting news I need/want to know about is in the pages of my angling magazines/papers!

Oh well, I was there then so decided to carry on for a few hours, seemed pointless to just turn back after all the effort I’d made to be there… so did fish for a couple of hours – laid-on worm – did get one slight nudge early on but then nothing. So headed home….for a boring few weeks … a good job I’ve about 1000 hours of angling videos to watch and several hundred fishing books that have not yet been read! Might even do some jobs around the house if I can motivate myself!

My Dad’s words of the 60’s, maybe 70’s, are starting to ring true …. that we are starting to live such a sterile existence that in times to come when you visit the supermarket , with your shopping, you’ll be given a sachet of soil that will supply the minerals and provide germs and the bacteria to boost your personal immunity systems that have been washed from your vegs and removed via processing. So very true! … and I can foresee unless we change the human race will have disappeared from the Earth faster than the dinosaurs – here one minute, gone the next – and suspect that will be pre-Year 3000 the way things are going…

3 responses to “Session 11 – Fishing In Lockdown….”

  1. Stephen Baines avatar
    Stephen Baines

    The soil in a bag thing .. i must be very old.


  2. Btw whilst your Dad may very well be right, and I for one am not going to pick an argument, the 1918-20 ‘Spanish’ flu epidemic suggests to me some of these bugs like nothing better than overcrowding, poor diet and poor hygiene. Btw a bit of family folklore, my granddad lost a finger due to the Spanish flu. He was an undertaker at that time and working long hours making coffins he … well you can guess the rest so I’ll spare the detail. That’s always put flu (as in influenza rather than man flu) into perspective with me.

    I’m not sure I’ve enough family history stories to sustain us during the lock down though.



  3. In other news Steve, Mafeking has been relieved …


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