So really my 2019 year ended on the 14th September 2019, the last session fished due to having to go into hospital for an operation to remove a cancer in my rectum (operation was an ‘anterior resection and ileostomy’). One upside of it is that I now have a key to ‘RADAR’ disabled toilets – but then again would have preferred not to have needed one in the first place but it’s a case of needs must when the devil drives I suppose…. And, the ileostomy is supposed to be a temporary thing and will hopefully be reversed around May/June – so I’ll probably have to miss the start of the river season!

Anyway, I was hoping to get back out on the waters by early December BUT then I developed kidney problems with them not functioning properly and becoming very dehydrated … and my GP was a waste of time when I saw them 3 times in 2 weeks at start of December – no tests (blood or urine taken even), prescribed anti-biotics and nasal spray on first visit, different nasal spray on second and vitamin/mineral drinks on the third – NOT HAPPY!! – and now filled in forms to register at another practice… Anyway, on the Thursday before Christmas (19th?), being unable to eat without vomiting fo several days, I went to the local A&E – blood test showed kidneys malfunctioning (or as the doctor said, ‘your kidneys are dry!’) which led to me being admitted and receiving 4 litres of saline on a drip over Friday and Saturday, along with an anti-emetic … plus drinking water like it was going out of fashion. Immediate recovery – ate like a horse from the Saturday morning onwards and no sickness or feelings of nausea at all. However, although further blood tests showed an improvement they weren’t quite where the doctors wanted them and so more saline and stop in until Sunday lunchtime when results were acceptable and I was allowed home … So I was at home and feeling fine through Christmas Day eating well… Boxing Day I felt a little fatigued/tired which I put down to the usual excess eating on Christmas Day … but on the Friday I was again unable to keep food down and ended up back in A&E again … and again dehydration was the cause despite having drunk copious amounts of water. Plus I had high potassium levels… so I was on a dextrose and insulin drip to combat the potassium along with more saline to re-hydrate… again almost immediately able to eat without any problems. Monday, 30th I was deemed fit and again discharged… And so far, fingers crossed and wood touched, I have been fine so hoping it remains so now onwards.

So, my hoped for end of 2019 sessions never got under way … but I have now packed my tackle bags and checked my baits in the freezer ready for a reservoir pike fishing outing on a club water with Liz on Monday 6th January… so watch this space!! :)

Anyway, I hope you all fared better over Christmas than I did but at least I did get Christmas Day at home, something which was looking unlikely as we approached the day…

So, may I now wish one and all, belatedly, All The Very Best for 2020 … and may your sticks bend and the strings sing regularly throughout the year … !!!

Take care on the banks too – especially on rivers as they can be treacherous currently with floods and hence mud making them slippery and erosions undercutting them, etc…. And if you should, heaven forbid, fall in GO WITH THE CURRENT edging your way in to the bank … most people drown due to the natural instinct of trying to get back to where they fell in and waste so much energy trying to do so. Mind you, the cold shock will probably get you first…. so prevention is definitely the better option to cure in this case!!

Oh… I bought a new toy … and had a great Xmas present!

Toy: a camera that attaches to the stem of specs – or over-glasses. I have a GoPro’ish camera (well, 2 actually) but find that with a chest harness it impedes access to pockets and a head band it keeps rising up and it feels heavy in the bargain too. This camera is tiny (about 20-25g) I’d say but records an excellent image, far better even than the action/GoPro cams. I’ll post a pic possibly in the next post … maybe a bit of video too.

Present: a Korum Snapper Cult landing net pole (2.5m mine but also do a 1.5m version). I wanted one for my canal fishing especially lure fishing when roving from one swim to the next. Its telescopic (4 sections) and folded down is only 60cm (2ft) long (excluding actual net, of course)… quite light too … and has a shoulder strap…. so not used it yet but hopefully will get out there on the canals with it in the next few weeks having a few short mini-jig and bait sessions for perch and chub…. and bream and whatever else comes along… :)



  1. Welcome back Steve. Glad to hear you’re doing better and have made it out already this year.


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