Sessions 42 And 43 – Roach, Rudd And Perch.

This is going to be a VERY quick … and pictureless … precis of my two outings undertaken on Thursday Sept 12th and Friday Sept 13th.

As said at the end of the last post I did go to the ‘2 pool’ site for Session 42 and I fished the smaller day ticket water (KF-WL1) from around 0800-1430. I fished lift method with maggot, prawn, meat and sweetcorn baits. Sweetcorn and meat were both complete failures, not one take at all on either, prawn attracted a few nudges … maggot started off well but then tailed away and between 1100 and 1400 I had just 2 bites. Fish caught – a couple of roach and rudd, a lot of small perch, and best fish of the day was a perch of around 6oz.

Session 43 was meant to be to the pool water of a different club but problems with opening the gate padlock meant I gave up trying to get in and instead visited the ‘2 pool’ site again but this time visiting the larger ‘members only’ pool (KF-WL2). Tactics were the same but sweetcorn, bread, prawn and maggot were the baits of choice … all worked well with bread and sweetcorn taking some nice roach, mainly around the 8oz mark (10oz best fish of the day) – maggot was the superior bait for the small perch with prawn the ‘worst on day’ although it did attract a bit of attention from time to time.

OK … that’s it for now…. as busy busy busy here with Liz due to return home from Lanzarote tomorrow I need to sort out a shopping list to get in before she arrives, a trip over to Brum Airport to collect her at midnight tomorrow, general housework/tidying although all pretty good and just papers to be sorted … and prepping for more hospital appointments next week … and the week following is the BIG day, 23rd Sept is my operation day… which means I’ll not be fishing for a while afterwards but hopefully get out next week on Monday and Thursday even if only for a couple of hours, fingers crossed….

So I’m up up and away for now… but I’ll probably post some of the pics I’ve taken around the pools on the last couple of days if I get chance… watch this space!! :)

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