Session 40 – A Short Canal Lure Session

As said at the end of the last posting, on Sunday 8th September I headed to a local stretch of the Staffs-Worcs Canal for a short mini-jig session for perch before heading to Sainsbury’s for the Sunday mini-shop and prep of tackle for another outing planned for Monday 9th to a club pool…

Anyway, this is the first of a week of short posts – unless something extraordinary happens – and they will probably be mainly made up of photos. Liz is away in Lanzarote for the week (7th-14th) which means I have unlimited access to the car and thus fishing is limited only by my mood and need… so hopefully I’ll get to fish every day bar Wed 11th when I have an hospital appointment at 1000. However, that break will allow me to go to the local agricultural suppliers to get more wood shavings, which are running low, for our ferret’s run and their shed aka ‘Ferret Palace’…

So, today … I did a couple of hours, 0800-1000, on the canal (SAC-SWC) with a mini-jig setup – 6’ lure rod, mini-jelly spikey worm body on a size 2/3g jig hook/head… and I walked about 0.5 miles of canal.

spikey worm
Spikey Worm Jelly Lure Body

Lovely morning to be out…

Result, one quick grab, missed, just past the canal bridge.

About 5-6 boats passed – one of which was certainly exceeeding the national canal speed limit of 4mph!

Next outing is planned – but heavy rain and wind forecast so its 50/50 at the moment – to a club pool (AA-B) tomorrow – Monday September 9th.

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