Session 31 … Not A Blank But Not Much Better!

Monday 29th July, Liz and I ventured out to one of two club pools in deepest Shropshire. Both pools are at one venue, one being a small, almost a pond really, pool (KF-WL1) that the club allows day tickets on….


…. and the other is a larger, members’ only, pool (KF-WL2)…


…  and as you see, by the rods set up in the second picture, the larger pools was where we fished.

We were intending to fish the smaller pool, it looked good BUT as you can see from the photo the (my) swim was overgrown with stinging nettles and we decided it wasn’t worth even attempting a trample’n’swing-the-bankstick attempt to make a workable area despite Liz’s swim next door being clear and, in fact, as we drove off home passed the pool later in the day there was someone fishing ‘Liz’s Swim’…

A hot bright day – and lesson learned from my previous session the brolly was set up to provide shade at the rods and over the bait whilst I sat a little way back under the shade of some bushes – and felt much better for it!

Not much really to say about the day – preps/feed as standard procedure. We both fished frame feeders, me with sweetcorn and bread, Liz with maggot and sweetcorn.

Total catch of the day between us was just 5 fish … I had one perch, Liz had 2 perch, 2 roach. But Liz wiped the awards board without doubt – 1st fish caught, last fish caught, most fish caught, most species caught, biggest fish, smallest fish, heaviest total weight….

We fished from around 0830 to 1500 …

And, as usual, on way home we stopped at our local hostelry where my spirits were revived by the fact that they had Titanic Cappuchino Stout on tap (and I was told that later in the week Titanic Plum Porter was coming on!) so I soon became a Happy Larry!

Due to the forecast for the next few days being wet and miserable here I’m not sure when I’ll go out again. The break could be an opportune moment though to mix up a big batch of my groundbait base mix as I’m now down to my last 2 x 1 litre bags and so that may be my job for the day on Thursday instead of the fishing…

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