It’s All About Location, Location, Location….

As described in my previous posting (Session 10 – Cool At The Pool) I spent 6 hours fishing from what I rate as one of the best pegs on the pool for one fish, albeit one that put a bend in the rod…. and noted at the end of the day that I decided to cast out my Deeper Sonar to add some more contour data to my records for the pool … and ended by ‘losing’ the sonar transceiver due to a snap link failure although I did manage to retrieve it later.

Anyway, I’ve just scanned through the scanner data and found some interesting – and very notable – data….

ScreenHunter 27A
The Swim
X = my peg
F = the area into which my baits were cast
A = Scanned before loss
B = Scanned from loss until regained
Lighter the area = the deeper it is

I think the pic explains the situation quite well – but as I was scanning around the area from right to left I didn’t actually get to scan over the area I’d actually been fishing before ‘losing’ the sonar … whether that would have shown appreciably different results to those of area A is debateable and I think not although the located fish were in the deeper water and as can be seen the water depth is increasing the further left towards my fished area. I was casting one bait to the edge of the overhanging tree in area F and the other bait mainly to the right outer half of that area.

Having set the scene for you … now head to YouTube and look up this video of the scanning session at:

and note the differences in fish populations between the two areas…… about 2.5 minutes of video in all as I recorded it at 10x real speed.

Next time I visit this pool I know where I’ll be heading – and I’ve NEVER seen ANYONE (other than myself when its one of my stops when roving with lures for pike) fish this area as its the furthest point from the car park requiring the navigation of 2 gates and and three electric fences to access…

And planning now to fish the local canal on Monday 18th – dry and bright on Sunday and Monday with minimal breeze which suits me!! :) And possibly, depending on weather, returning to this pool on Thursday….. although with the end of March, and thus my end of pike season, looming it may be with the pike rods … but with the pike fodder located I could be heading to the same area…. ;)

2 responses to “It’s All About Location, Location, Location….”

  1. … but when the water warms up, will the awkward blighters move to area F?



    1. When the summer comes they’ll fill the entire pool! In all 3 dimensions! As usual… LOL!
      At that time of year they almost jump up the bank after the bait boxes!!
      Only place I’ve caught bream on floating crust – about 10 or so in one session – and had one bream there, 20-30 yards out in 11′ of water that thought it was a trout or marlin and started a series of leaps/headshakes!

      Probably holed up where they are now for a couple of possible reasons … (a) in the deeper water due to the current low temps and/or (b) shoaling up ready for the warmer weather and spawning which could be a good sign of better weather due….

      So, yep probably they’ll move on when conditions improve or spawning begins/ends but useful info for the rest of this and the following winters… :)

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