Session 6 – 2019 – General Fishing….

Firstly – a correction to what I’ve been saying previously, that I’ve not had a had a bite less alone caught anything in 2019… as I did actually catch on my first session of the year … The session I set off on had to be aborted as I discovered I was missing a lot of necessary tackle and had to return home without even wetting my line … but I did return home, collect the missing items and then went to a closer venue for a few hours where I caught a few TINY odds and ends before getting a phone call from the other half to say that one of our pet ferrets was looking very unwell (and did pass away that night) and I returned home earlier than planned. SO, it being such a bad day perhaps I was subconsciously blocking out of my memory….

OK, so to the latest session…

Thursday 14th February, 0715, I headed off to a mixed species club pool (AA-B) hoping for some action from perch, bream and chub but also encounters with carp, crucian carp, barbel, chub, gudgeon are also possible on this fishery.

Before setting off I had a bit of windscreen de-frosting to do although air temps as seen in car were 2.5’C at the time of driving away … but by my return home air temp was up to 11.5’C (and 18.5’C on thermometer in direct sunshine).

So the rising air and associated water temps (1’C rise in water over the day)  were a cause for hope BUT… resulted in NOTHING …. AGAIN!

I float fished with maggot and worm, casting to various areas for lengths of time and feeding a few maggots regularly. Even a ‘Mr Crabtree – there’s perch there, Peter’ stereotypical swim by the dipping branches of an overhanging tree didn’t generate any interest from the fish despite the pool being loaded with perch – and it had received its annual re-stock of fish (carp, tench, crucians, bream and others) only 3-4 weeks or so ago … and I eventually packed in at 1400.

A couple fishing the adjoining carp pool seemed to have slightly better luck however. I know they had at least one fish that I saw being landed as I walked my gear back to the car.

SO…. next trip out now planned with Liz to another club’s pool (KF-WL2 or maybe KF-WL1 depending on ground conditions for car access – both at the bottom of a large sloping field so gets quite muddy/soft on the path between the two pools) on Monday 18th….


5.2’C rising to 6.3’C over the day…

2019-02-14 Barlows Pool Water Temp

2 responses to “Session 6 – 2019 – General Fishing….”

  1. I don’t know what to say Steve, except you’re definitely getting closer to the fish than I am (indoors).

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    1. But not a lot it seems…
      Probably be closer if I stayed indoors… Got Rapala Tournament Fishing on the Wii here! LOL!

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