Session 56 – Pike & Possibly Last Outing Of 2018

Thursday 13th December, at 0645 I set off for Pike Water 17 for what may possibly be my last outing of 2018 – although there is also the possibility of a twix-mas informal pike competition being held at one of my clubs on 29th December which I’ll attend if possible.

The coldest morning here yet – forecast had been for 0’C overnight but I don’t think it did actually drop that low although there was a very thin layer of frost on the windscreen of the car. I know at midnight the air temp was 3.5’C and as I left the house at 0645 the car registered 2.0’C but half hour later on arrival at the venue it was 2.5’C (heat wave!!)… and as I was driving back home the air temp was 4.0’C. However, the actual air temperature was also subject to a wind chill factor from the existing breeze which meant it felt colder than it was.

On arrival at the water I walked up to the corner swim of the pool that I’d elected to try on the day and I fed in about 1Kg (wet) of rubby dubby (breadcrumb, minced fish and red food colour) just in front about 2 rod lengths out – and I did a few casts out with the Deeper Sonar finder – a few larger fish spotted and isolated pockets of small silvers.

[I did say that I’d put an example of the contour maps that can be created in this posting but time is against me as I have other things I need to do today – perhaps shortly.]

I did try to catch a few small silvers for livebait on my whip but the breeze was too heavy for the rigs I had available (so will be making up some heavier ones for future use) and it was hard to get them out on to the water so only tried for 30 mins max. However, I was equipped with a selection of deadbaits for such eventually – herring, sardine, mackerel, capelin, sprats and smelt – and thus I started with a mackerel head half on one rod and two capelin on the other…

[Capelin – a small fish of the smelt family but silver as opposed to the orangey hue of a true smelt. To be honest, I won’t be getting more as they are too soft and hard to get a hook grip and fly off the hook on the cast too often even when frozen. They came from a Chinese supermarket frozen and on a cellophane covered polystyrene tray and do  look great at that time. Good for adding to rubby dubby though.

But whilst in Birmingham Fish Market I did spot some fresh fish that looked similar to smelt – £10.99 a kilo which I thought was expensive so didn’t buy BUT now thinking that frozen smelt costs about £2  for 5 off 4”-6” online – and an additional £7+ for shipping per order – so next time I’m in Brum… ]

First casts with the pike baits, under floats, went out about 0845 and two and a half to three hours later not a single touch had been had, so then I switched to a whole sardine on each rod until I packed in at 1330 with the breeze having picked up to be a wind and the ripples on the water having turned into shore breaking waves and my fingers having gone numb and without still not a single indication of fishy interest…

So… my possible last session of the year was an almighty blank…. but with the slight possibility of changing that ahead…

Whatever, this WILL be my last posting pre-Xmas and so in that case I’d like to wish all who are reading and your families and friends the very best for the season … and, in case this is my last 2018 posting, a very happy and successful New Year to all for 2019.


Min:  5.3’C
Max: 5.5’C

ScreenHunter 33

4 responses to “Session 56 – Pike & Possibly Last Outing Of 2018”

  1. Thanks, SSB…
    And a Very Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year to you and yours too…

    Looks like I will get a pre-New Year outing in … the club is holding an informal pike comp over a couple of our waters on an estate on Sat 29th Dec … basically start when you want, fish as long as you want, finish when you want … just weigh, photo and post any catches on the club’s FB page and biggest reported for the day wins … no prize though other than the ‘fame’ :D


  2. All best wishes for Christmas Steve and Liz and happy casting in 2019.

    Btw I hope to get back on the bank soon, but its been an odd year in many respects.


  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours Steve. I hope to get out myself in between Christmas and new year. It’s been far too long but work has been crazy so fishing has been on hold. Anyway, have a good one and good luck if you manage to find the bank again before 2019.


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