Session 53 – Whipping It Into Shape…

Tuesday, November 13th, I decided I’d get up (relatively) early an pop down to the local canal with my new 5 metre whip/pole and give it a try out … just generally check I was happy with how I’d set it up, the ease and comfort of use and suchlike.

I got to the water around 0900 and fished until 1100 – as I needed to get back to go out shopping with Liz later.

Anyway, the whip is intended mainly for use to acquire livebaits when I’m piking and so was set up for ‘swing to hand’ with 6lb line and size 16 hook with a pole float that takes 2BB shot (actually shotted BB, No1, No 4 down the line). Depth plumbed and hook baited with maggot I swung out expectantly for the first time at 0900 – and the last time at 1050 – and had the same result on both swings, and all the intervening ones – not a single tremble or twitch of the float….

Another guy came about 10 minutes after I arrived and fished rod and line about 10-15 yards away and I noticed he was catching – but only tiny stuff, little finger sized silvers basically.

So, I didn’t get to test the landing of fish, small or large, but I did determine a slight tweak I want to make to the rig attachment method a little better – 2 minutes work involved I should think which I may get to do today.

Next trip – possibly next Tuesday (20th) as other places to be until then …. but hopefully will be pool piking or on the canal piking/float fishing/luring depending on available time to sort out various tackles and baits…


Max + Min: 9.0’C

ScreenHunter 21

3 responses to “Session 53 – Whipping It Into Shape…”

  1. Hi PP!
    Sorry to hear your fishing has been on the back burner but hope the health has improved now. And that work is not so demanding.
    Mind you this time of the year is probably the ‘best’, if that’s the right word for it to happen…. for me my fishing gets back burnered a lot at this time due to Xmas preps, family stuff (lot of birthdays etc) and probably most of all the weather and conditions…. cold, damp and windy and NO clothing regardless of quality can stop the cold and damp permeating through… might get physically colder later but as its less humid then you can actually wrap up and stay at least warmish… plus falling/fallen leaves on the water make difficulties which become less of a problem with calmer air…. yep, waiting for the crisp frosty mornings now! :)

    Myself (and Liz) have had nasty chesty coughs for a month but finally showing signs of abating. Not fished for 2 weeks anyway… was hoping to go out Mon or Tues but seems more rain is the forecast daily until 8 Dec here but then dry for a week… so may be around then when I do manage to get out. Gives me time to sort tackle properly though 😊

    Anyway, hope you manage a trip soon… and tight lines for when you do!


  2. Hi Steve, I hope you’re well mate. I haven’t been out much at all since September due to work and illness but hoping to get put soon. Take care.


    1. Hello PP!
      Not seen or heard from you in a while? Hope its the work rather than the health.. lesser of the 2 evils? – keeping you away. Mind you, the weather hasn’t been the best and so my own fishing has been curtailed a bit but I have the advantage, being retired, to make use of the odd better days albeit the fishing has been slow anyway. But seems that, for the next week anyway, that we’re hitting a warm and settled spot so hoping you get to take advantage of it! 😊

      Best wishes and hope to see you active on here again soon! 😊


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