Session 52 – Short Pike Lure Session

Monday, November 12th, Liz and I set off at 1030 for a short lure session on Pike Water 20.

Not a bad day weatherwise but although the general was still over the large expanse of water there was quite a brisk breeze and blowing into our faces to boot… However, until around 1245 it was a warm’ish wind but later the skies greyed a little and the breeze picked up a definite chill….

As usual, we walked to the furthest point from the car before tackling up and working our way back over a three hour spell fishing 4 spots in all. As said before, we find the ‘walk out, fish back’ approach suits us well as we get to cover more water – if you fish at the first spot and work away then generally its found, particularly when lure fishing, that the backs are aching before you reach half the way you want to get to and end up backtracking and never reach the furthest points.

Anyway, Liz fished the session with her ‘magic’ lure per usual, whilst I used several lures over the session starting with a luminous yellow 9cm Savage Gear Soft 4Play on a jig head, then a 13cm SG Hard 4Play in Golden Ambulance colours and finally a 13cm SG Soft 4Play Dirty Roach pattern on an offset hook….

So, as I said we fished several spots over around 3 hours – and despite Liz’s ‘magic’ lure (first defeat I recall!) and my lure changes we had not a single touch between us …. and as usual headed to pub for consoling beers and scratching before heading homewards…


An increase again … 9.5’C constant.

Graphs shown on next session following….

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