Session 50 – Carpin’ On In The Carp Free Pool

Friday, November 2nd, I set off at 0645 heading to a club pool (AA-B) for the day. The pool had originally been carp free – a sister pool holding only carp/chub residing only 10 yards away – but this year, after advice from the EA regarding cormorant problems, cormorant resistant carp (ie carp over 3lb) have been stocked in several batches … and it would seem that transfers from the club’s other pools have been made too. To me, as not a major carp fan, its a real shame that a pool were you could fish knowing that carp wouldn’t interfere has been ‘infected’ … maybe a strong word but for me what it is… but saying that it was good that they were there today… Air temp at setting out,according to the car’s thermo, was 2.5’C – a bit warmer than the previous few days that had registered negative temps but there was still a thin layer of ice on the windows..

So, I arrived at my chosen swim – opposite the pool’s small island and with a patch of lilies to the left – at around 0730 and prepped my area and set up my float rod – 13’ – with 6lb main line, 6lb braid hooklength with size 12 hook (later changed to a 16) and a loaded antenna float with a 3g fitted loading plus 1.5g of shotting and plumbed the water so as to fish the bait just at that depth. Whilst prepping I also fed maggots and micro-pellets into the swim, both by the edge of the lilies and just short of the overhanging vegetation of the island.

First cast, with 3 maggots as bait, was made at 0800, fishing the island area.

First indications of fish activity came at 0845 with a quick dip’n’rise of the float but that came to nothing … as did a few other similar indications. The lily pad area drew a blank when tried – and, in fact, I had not a touch in that area at all. Around 0930 I did hook into a fish of a few ounces but the hook hold gave way and I never saw it.

But at 1045, fishing worm, it was ‘Fish on!’ …. I thought at first it was a good bream but subsequently it turned out to be a mirror carp of 8lb 12oz.

2018-11-02 Steve - 8lb 12oz Mirror Carp 01
8lb 12oz Mirror Carp

However, it caused a right old rumpus being landed and seemed to have killed the swim totally dead as I had not another touch afterwards and at 1240, and spurred on by the inkling I’d seen some activity there, I moved one peg along to the other end of the island….

And at 1310 it was ‘Fish on!’ time again … this time a common carp of 8lb 6oz… this time on maggot…

2018-11-02 Steve - 8lb 6oz Common Carp 02
8lb 6oz Common Carp

And although the fish played out far quieter than the previous one that was the last of  the action for the day with not a touch between then and tackling down for the day at 1500.

So, none of the expected perch – the pool holds many, mainly 4-6oz but I have had a 2lb 8oz one there – and in the summer I was catching 70+ of them per session. And I also put out my WaterWolf camera just off the far side of the lilies for 3 hours, the spot you’d expect to see at least perch but a quick scan through the footage shows not one single fish of any species whatsoever… will have to have a more in-depth scan on that footage…. But video quality is very good – no editing needed, usually I have to mess with brightness/contrast, hues, etc to even get something that is not just a blank screen never mind of decent watchable quality.

So… that was the day…

Next trip? Think I’ve decided on the Shropshire Union Canal on Monday and almost decided that I’ll be floatfishing or ledgering for perch and chub but there is still the possibility that I may end up either taking my canal deadbaiting gear or my lure gear and try for some pike….


The drop continues – by around 2’C over the past 4 days…..

Min:    4.6’C
Max:   5.2’C

ScreenHunter 19

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