Session 43 – Nearly Sea Fishing

Monday, September 24th, we were on holiday in Porthcawl, South Wales and thought we’d have a few hours fishing off the local pier… the lower section in the picture, not the higher one with lighthouse which is TOO high for me!


However, the time of visit wasn’t the best – high tides were at 0600 and 1800 – and we, or rather I, ‘fished’ from 1100 to 1200 … ie the hour up to LOW tide which meant at my first cast the bait was landing in 3 inches of water … and by 1200 the lead and baits were shy of the water and, in fact, got cleared from the rock on which they were snagged by a beach walker LOL!

So, a blank!!

Oh well, back home now and as Monday is the 1st October, the first day of my pike season (I only pike fish from 1-10 to 31-03) Liz and I are planning to go lure fishing on one of our club’s pools on that day … then Friday 5th I’ll most likely head to a pool of my other club with the livebait rods (and my 6 metre pole to catch the required baits) for another pike session. Then having seen my piking season in I’ll probably revert back to other species until proper pike conditions arrive (which means to me that the water temps have dropped below 8’C)… and for the past few years that’s not happened until the January really. So I’ll probably just concentrate on some general canal fishing and bream and perch in the interim.

2 responses to “Session 43 – Nearly Sea Fishing”

  1. My father’s side of family were from Port Talbot area … just one aunt left there now though – 94 and in a care home…


  2. Wish I’d known mate. I’m only around the corner!


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